How Do Their (Obama's and McCain's) Tax Plans Compare?

An Economics Researcher, J.D. Foster, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in Economics of Fiscal Policy at the Heritage Foundation, offers a fair, non-partisan and erudite analysis / evaluation of the economic plans offered by John McCain and Barack Obama: ...more

Khalidi, PUMA, and the LA Times

Everyone must know by now that the Los Angeles Times (LA Times) has in its possession a tape of announcements, speeches, toasts, and discussion at a dinner held to honor Rashid Khalidi, a pro- PLO activist, former PLO spokesman who openly supports anti-Israeli violence as "political enlightenment". Barack Obama was present at that dinner; he was an honored guest and speaker. ...more

Hillary Supporters: "Massive Voter Fraud" by Obama


socrates  Good evening, Cooper,

I would be quite surprised if ...more

Political Censoship, TV, and Obama

Oct 262008 The TV Ad Obama Seeks to Posted by ...more


Greetings to you too, ...more

Obama and the New Party. What Gives??????????

It began simply enough: an email from a friend since high school with an attachment showing a 1996 newsletter of the New Party. In that newsletter the New Party was announcing its recent major electoral victories, some of them highlighted in pink, in Arkansas, Illinois, and Maryland. One of those key victories was in Illinois. An NP-endorsed candidate named Barack Obama . ...more

Does Obama's Race Matter to You?

As a teenager during the dark days of segregation in the Deep South, I worked on the staff for a girls’ church camp outside Tampa, Florida. The Church that year had seized the initiative, taking to heart the concept of universal love, and integrated the camp staff. Three young black women from Mississippi joined our staff that summer. Only if you lived during that time period will you readily understand why they came from Mississippi. Their names were unknown outside the camp, so . ...more

Prominent Democrat, Ardent Hillary Supporter Sues Obama in Federal Court

A suit for Declaratory Judgment has been filed in federal district court in Pennsylvania by a prominent Democrat and longterm supporter of Hillary Clinton seeking a determination as to whether Barack Obama aka Barry Soetero meets the qualifications to serve as United States President. Watch the Video For more exciting, stimulating news, go to ...more

Roe v Wade. To Be Overturned??? What a Woman Lawyer Says . . .

First, let me acknowledge that Roe v Wade was rendered just before I entered law school, so I've had a few decades to observe the legal developments on this subject. I must say that the legal reality is far more nuanced than most writers on this subject seem to understand. For example, a court decision that has the effect of prohibiting partial-birth abortions or of prohibiting late-term abortions except under particular, specific circumstances could not be characterized as "overturning" Roe v. Wade. ...more

What Does It Show? The Film Clip That Every American Should See

The film that every American who wants or needs to understand our current credit crisis / financial crisis and its origin in the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should see.  The film is created from CSPAN footage shot at Congressional hearings in late 2004.  It is amazing!!! Particularly in light of current excuses and accusations. To view this amazing video, click here. ...more

HILLARY SUPPORTERS: See What a Prominent Hillary Supporter Says Now

Major fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton and very prominent Democrat, Lynn deRothschild, explains and evaluates the two presidential candidates against the backdrop of the current financial crisis aka Wall Street Bailout (or Rescue, if you prefer).  Introductory cmments from Bill Clinton. ...more