I Liked Him Better When I Didn't Know So Much - Steve Jobs

The public story of Steve Job is inspirational. I would be the first to say I was impressed with his ability to start a dream from his parents’ garage and turn it into a remarkable business that will out live him. My first marketing class in college (1987) I learned about Steve Jobs in my textbook....more

The Red Wig Wasn't For My Husband

Three years ago I ordered a red wig on line. Specifically, it was a Rachel Welch “Jacqueline” wig. I had this brave idea of how I was going to use it. I had dreamed up all kinds of things I'd do and say wearing the red wig. To date, the red wig has not left the box or debuted its destiny. The red wig was for a character I had created, Violet B. Dandee, not the bedroom. (The actual wig is completely hideous. Believe me Andre is not disappointed.) So who's Violet B. Dandee? Well, when I was a kid I loved The Carol Burnett Show....more

I Have No Need For A Funeral

Some people are motivated by thinking of what their funeral will be like someday. Perhaps they get a rush wondering how many people will show up, the great things they may say, or how much they’ll be missed.  I know people who use funerals to motivate their performance on any given day. The chances are you know at least one person who has already, regardless of how young they are, planned their funeral to the last detail. In some cases this is a loving gesture as the grieving spouse would not have to do this daunting task....more

When We Are Sure We Can’t Survive – We Somehow Do

Now I have an answer for the often debated questions, “Would you really want to know what is going to happen in your life before it happened?” My answer, for sure, is “No.” I am certain that if we saw, in full color, any of the events or situations in our lives that we were sure we couldn’t live through before they happened, it would make us worry about it every day until it finally happened....more

My Favorite Part of Writing

If you would have told me as a teenager that I would be an author someday, I would have laughed in your face at that suggestion. English was never a class I looked forward to going to. It didn't relate to me as I saw it as uninteresting, cumbersome, research intensive, and for brainiacs. Books for that matter didn't hold my attention until my mid twenties. My only required writing class in college was Technical Writing as I was a marketing/business major....more