Time To Lose This Blogger Butt

Now, summer is upon us, and it's bathing suit season. I'll be getting out of the house and heading to the pool. I want to get back to feeling comfortable with my body for pool season, and quite frankly, after pool season too. It's time to find a balance. I am vowing to lose this big ol' blogger butt...one way or another....more

Slimming Up for Summer

I want people to stop in their tracks, as I'm carrying my son, and ask if I really did just have a baby because there's no possible way they can believe it! ;) Asking too much? I don't think so! With several weddings coming up this summer...and hello bikini season!...I don't have much time to kick it into gear....more

The Spare Tire Liquidation Blast Off

Let's just keep it real. I want to look good. I want to be comfortable in my skin and stop feeling like complete crap. I want every single item of clothing that I love and try on to look fabulous on me. I want collarbones. Oh! Oh! And I want people to be all like, "WOW, girl, you look amazing, what is your secret and why can't I be like you"....more

Operation Get Hot

Do you want to know what is more disturbing? My cellulite. My arm jiggle. My stomach rolls. I am not even exaggerating. So with a big birthday on the horizon, I thought now is the perfect time to get super serious about ¨operation get hot.¨ Fat + birthdays = deep, dark depression....more

Losing It!

We were 10 days away from our big Vegas vacation. I wanted to lose a few pounds so I looked good and could indulge in all of the amazing food in Las Vegas! I committed to exercising daily and watching what I ate. I knew I could commit for 10 days! No Mexican food, no fried food, no sampling while cooking, no wine for 10 days!...more

New Habits and Spa Giveaway

My real reason for wanting to slim down in the next few weeks? So that I can jump right back into the summer season, including the swimsuit part, without looking like I ate fried foods and didn’t exercise for a year while living abroad. We can just keep that part a secret, right?...more

Chocolate PB Protein Smoothie with Slim Fast

Is it so bad that I'm dying to fit into the brand new green chinos I bought years ago in a size too small (well, almost two sizes too small now) instead of thinking about my risk of heart disease? Or that I'd kill for a day at the beach during which I didn't have to distract myself from thinking about the dimples on my thighs?...more

Slim-Fast Sweepstakes and the REAL Reasons I Want to Lose a Few Pounds

It's no secret that I want to lose a few pounds. After all, I did try the 3-day military diet. Blech. Check out my video to see why I'm giving Slim-Fast a go and why I really want to lose the weight (and not just the fake reasons I usually tell everyone)....more

Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels

Another reason for wanting to shed pounds is because my husband has his thirty year reunion coming up in August. You read that right, thirty year reunion. Some of his ex-girlfriends will be there, and I have to represent! It ain't easy being Mrs. Smith....more

Slim-fasting My Way To Hot Mom Status

With summer right around the corner and an influx of swimwear catalogs finding their way into my mailbox every other week, the desire to be The Hot Mom is in overdrive and I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking for quick and easy ways to slim down and lose a little extra weight before donning a bathing suit....more