On slightly discomforting the classics (but everyone hugged at the end).

There you were in the library when the Star was a bit younger listening fondly to another Mum reading her son one of the books. "… and then Little Red Riding Hood said ‘What big eyes you have, Grandma!’ ‘All the better to see you with,’ Wolf replied.  ‘What big teeth you have, Grandma!’ said Little Red Riding Hood. And Wolf opened his mouth to reply and at that moment Grandma came back. ‘You’re not Grandma!’ exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood, amazed. ...more

On giant shagging bunny rabbits

You really should have been paying more attention, but when someone said, ‘Proms‘, you said ‘How high?’ without really enquiring too much further into the matter. You did manage to glean that it was a Purcell concert, but you failed even to find out what was being played. ...more