Stir Fried Rice with Kale

Another Kale tale? I won’t write any. Only a recipe ....more

Malai Chom Chom

Malai Chom Chom is one of the timeless beauties of Bengal. Chilled cream sandwiched between the soft, yielding roshogollas, coated with silky, fragrant saffron cream, tenderly wrapped with love and sweetness. ...more

Lehsuni Gobi: Garlic Cauliflower

Cauliflower with intense flavor of garlic. As simple as that. Spices are optional ....more

Lemon Balm Cake

We have a simple cake today with subtle and soothing flavors of lemon balm: the kind of cake one would love to have on a pleasant summer day. A good cup of tea and company is what I envision with the cake, sitting outside as the breeze makes the patches of sunlight dance in [...] ...more

Bhindi Bhaji: Mildly Spiced Okra

It has been so long that I do not know where to start… ...more

Chingri Begun-er Tel Jhol: Spicy Shrimp Curry with Eggplants

It is not always the length or the kind of ingredients that makes a recipe perfect. It is also the state of mind. ...more

Chicken with Black Pepper and Cream

The two most important things that inspire me to cook are the memories of my childhood, especially with my ma and dida and also that sudden intuitive attraction I feel towards a particular recipe. Each of these triggers work differently. The memories are calm, stable and continues ....more

Mutton Curry with Fenugreek, Coconut and Curry Leaves

One of my maa’s recipes has been the inspiration for this recipe today. I have a distinct memory of this afternoon when I see my maa emerging out of the kitchen ...more

Manisha’s Lemon Pickle

Pickle. The word resonates with outbursts of flavors. Indian pickles tell long stories and are loaded with a blend of spices that will tease your taste buds ....more

Lehsuni Baingan: Eggplants cooked in Spicy Garlic Sauce

I have a really simple recipe today. Chunks of eggplants are cooked with in a spicy garlic sauce with the fresh zesty aroma of ginger and green chili peppers. I will not call this this a “traditional” recipe, even though there might be one with this name in some parts of India ....more