The child has way to many animals.

LittleDude, from birth has been part of a big family. He is the youngest of 5 siblings and is loved by so many people....more

Positive change

Typically, I am awful about dealing with change. When we remodeled the kitchen when I was a child, I cried for weeks....more

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Last week was a really sad week.A teacher at Pixie's pre-school died suddenly, which is devastating for little ones.We also lost a dear family member- Scotty- a super sweet horse who was loved by all who knew him.Scotty was not our horse- but we loved him like he was. When ever we would visit the barn his head would pop over the stall and he would great everyone with a kind nicker....more

I keep meaning to get caught up

Why do things keep happening? It is the nature of life I suppose but it needs to slow down for a moment so I can take a breath!Princess is now playing violin....more

Enjoying the hand prints

Last night I was wiping off the cabinets from the day's messy fingers. And I realized- that I will not have little hand prints to clean up for that much longer. LittleDude is getting bigger and once in a while decides to use the potty....more

Burn centers are not fun

I love camping. I grew up camping with my family and some of my favorite memories were camping in the Rockies.Taking 5 kids camping is a lot different than one or two kids camping.Being that, under the best of circumstances we have zone defense as opposed to a man on man plan. Sometimes, zone defense leaves someone unprotected.Henry grabbed a hot lantern and was burned.For as bad of a burn as it was, he wasn't hysterical for the majority of the time....more

A story from my childhood

I tell stories about my kids all the time, and I thought it would be a nice thing to share a short story about me growing up.I am the youngest child in my family by many many years-- I do not recall living with my siblings.When I was little (and even now) I did not sleep a lot....more

Pole Perfection

Imperfection, really....more

Oh Dear. Utah. Scary. brain dump

This past September was the 15th anniversary of coming back from Utah....more

Thankful for eczema

That is bizarre, right?...more