Bleeding Heart Liberals

We live in a very conservative Christian town....more

Long time to write

Quite often as I am going through the day, I think of things I want to write about and even go about composing a post in my head.... then something else happens....more

On Suicide and Mental Illness

If I remember correctly I have addressed mental illness briefly in this blog after a tragedy....more

She really is just a kid

The kids have had to learn a lot of hard lessons about life since I was sick.They have had to learn that sometimes even mothers get sick....more

Feed the birds (ducks- in this case)

Today we had a lot of fun-- and spent a whole $1.31. We fed the ducks. It was awesome ....more

Canon in D

I had all of my music on "shuffle" today; which if anyone listened to it they would think I have several personalities- everything from classical, to opera, to hip hop (and more- I think I have things from every genre on my ipod....more

Animal Love

I love animals...more

BiPolar Horses

I think Jessie is bipolar.The other night she had a hell of a time trying to kill me and gave me a run for my money....more

Yeehaa. Bike Rides. Summer.

Summer has started!For the past 4 years summer has not been the high point that they should be, they have been in and out of the hospital and generally pretty sucky.This summer its all different....more

I am running out of spare parts

I do not have: wisdom teeth, appendix, and one kidney.Soon I will also lack a gall bladder. Apparently it has been acting up for a while and I just started to tune into the issues since I was no longer in pain from an obnoxious kidney....more