Why I don't support gay rights

I support human rights.Let's start with the basics: LGBTQ people are people- people being the operative word....more

No, I don't dance for anyone

No one aside from my pole sisters have ever seen me pole dance....more

I think my phone works better when I say please

It is a truth universally acknowledged that electronics and I do not get along....more

3 reasons my girls have pink hair

Why yes! I did notice that my 3 daughters, age 5, 6, and 10 have pink (and purple) hair. I let them ....more

Utah anniversary

The night before, Thursday, I came home from Mock Trial team and spread my work out on the floor in the formal living, no one went in there so I could set to work on the mountains of projects I had to complete. My boyfriend called....more

Flashback to my grandmother

B's grandfather is elderly (duh) and not exactly in the best health. Recently, he has had to spend sometime at a nursing home to get back on his feet....more

Buyer Beware of GE Appliances and Home Depot

I have a houseful! Pets and kids create laundry- it is fact of life-as dependable as death and taxes....more

The child has way to many animals.

LittleDude, from birth has been part of a big family. He is the youngest of 5 siblings and is loved by so many people....more

Positive change

Typically, I am awful about dealing with change. When we remodeled the kitchen when I was a child, I cried for weeks....more

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Last week was a really sad week.A teacher at Pixie's pre-school died suddenly, which is devastating for little ones.We also lost a dear family member- Scotty- a super sweet horse who was loved by all who knew him.Scotty was not our horse- but we loved him like he was. When ever we would visit the barn his head would pop over the stall and he would great everyone with a kind nicker....more