Discovering the essence of Treaty 7 and how it relates to all Canadians

Actress Michelle Thrush in a scene from The Making of Treaty 7 world premiere...more

Leo is a Hero-Stop Bashing His Passion for the Earth

  Hater’s will hate. Liker’s will like. And I like Leonardo Dicaprio! It has been reported that Leo is in Fort McMurray researching the oil sands for the Green World Rising documentary he is producing in conjunction with the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation and Tree Media....more

Fierce Integrated Training: Local Personal Trainer on Mission to Help Others Reach Supreme Fitness Goals

 Charity Goertz has always had a passion to help people succeed in achieving their fitness goals. It all started when Goertz first became interested in working out in her early twenties.“At that time in my life I wanted to be in shape and look better,” said Goertz....more

Losing it all to alcohol: A powerful story of triumph against a common and destructive disease

 Growing up, Tracy Nickel never thought she would one day become an alcoholic. Turns out she did. Nickel has been sober now almost five years.Her story begins when she had her first drink at age 16. At first it was all for fun like everybody else. She said she didn’t really have a problem with alcohol until her late 20s and into her early 30s....more