Wedding Do's and Don'ts

Since wedding season has officially begun, I have been thinking about all of the things I wish I had done or known when planning my wedding day nearly six years ago. There was no such thing as Pinterest! Gasp! Am I really that old?!?  My wedding day was absolutely wonderful! But there are a few things I wish I had done differently, and a few things I did right, so I am sharing them in hopes you can make sure your own day is truly special....more

A Firm Foundation

Yesterday, my best friend texted me and said she needed help finding a good foundation and asked if I would be up for a trip to Ulta this weekend while she is in town.First of all, you never need to ask if I would be up for a trip to Ulta [really, the question should be whether Jeff will be ok with me going hahaha]!...more

Health + Life Update

***In case you are new here, I have Hashimoto's disease and PCOS.  Feel free to check out my posts about it here, here, and here....more

A Flare Affair


August Stitchfix Review

I have been getting Stitchfix for several months now, but somehow I never seem to get pictures done in time before I have to send back the items I didn't keep. I like taking pictures of myself in the clothes so you can see how they fit, but somehow I never get them done....more

Robin Williams and My Own Battle with Depression

I know there are already so many posts about this subject, but I still feel like I have to get my own thoughts out there...Monday night I was at yoga when the news first broke about Robin Williams' death so when I got on Facebook and Twitter, my newsfeed was already full of posts about it.At first I was in shock.  Then I got very upset and saddened.Even as I watched Good Morning America's tribute to him this morning, I started getting teary-eyed....more

Enough with the Gluten-Free Haters

Quick note: I have Hashimoto's disease and am gluten-intolerant (but I do not have Celiac's--- there's a difference!).Lately, I've been hearing from a lot of people that gluten-intolerance is not real. That it's a fad. That it's all in my head.And frankly, it pisses me off....more