Days Go By

So, Its been a little over a month since I was here last. I wont bore you with the details of that time. Let's just say laptop crash, desktop crash, and sick kids. I think I will do this blog, when I do it, in a different way. Just make it a recap of our day, and maybe a few days at a time. So, here goes, starting yesterday since it is only 10am here. 7-5-11...more


This is my "confession." I can tell my blog because, well, it is mine and none of "you" know me. Sure, you know my name and a few things about me, but you do not really know me. You could take my name and google me, but what you find is not all that exciting. So, my confession. ...more

That man of mine.

I really wondered if I would come back here and blog, or if it would be a one time thing, and then Friday happened. My husband,Ken,surprised me. In a big way. See, our anniversary is coming up on May 18. We will have been married for 20yrs. I know you are saying,"Wow, she looks so young, how can she have been married for 20yrs!" Well, in my mind you are saying that. Anyway, Friday started out as a regular day. Take kids to school, drink some coffee, shower. Then Ken told me to get ready, pack a bag for overnight and we were leaving. We don't ever go anywhere overnight....more

This is me.

So, this is my first ever blog post. Its actually kind of making me nervous. What do I say, what if I am horrible at this, what if people make fun of me, what if my grammar is horrible?! Actually, all of the above will probably happen, but that is ok. I just wanted to write about our day to day life. Sometimes it can be funny. Alot of times its just your basic boring day to day stuff. So, on to who I am. I am Sam. Sam I am. Sorry, I couldnt resist. I am Samantha, aka Sam....more

I'm pretty sure I'd like your family. Laughter is sometimes the only medicine and those who know ...more