In search for egaliterian and inclusive Jewish books for my daughters first Passover.

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The reluctant wedding dancer

Cross posted from dance at Jewish Orthodox weddings. I  put on my flats, I  kick up my heels,  I shake my hips. I dance from the first dance to the last.  I dance with joy – in the women’s section of the dance floor. I dance, celebrating patriarchal marriage, the silent veiled bride in a long-sleeved white gown....more

The leap of faith & and the narrative of the other at Christmas

Cross-posted from As I near Christmas, I am reminded of attending of Jewish elementary School where Christmas was not a day off. There were no school buses, so our parents drove us to school instead. At NCSY, an orthodox Jewish youth group, we read Permission to Receive, which outlined why Judaism is the only credible religion and everyone else's narrative is utterly unbelievable. Even after shedding layers of my education, this layer is left behind. ...more

And then I got Fat and Immodest

I am no fan of modesty. In the name of full disclosure, I used to be seriously “modest.”  For several years in high school and college I covered by elbows, knees and cleavage.  I swam in the Dead Sea in a black t-shirt and skirt. I wore tank tops backwards, to take advantage of the high neckline, which was actually intended as the back of the shirt. I wore old navy long sleeve t-shirts year round, with another short sleeved t-shirt over it for the fashion. As an Orthodox Jew, I dressed more modestly than the Duggers....more

What would a feminist chanukah story look like?

There is the Hebrew School Chanukah, where the Macabees are guerrilla fighters leading an uprising in the name of liberty (kind of like George Washington) and then there is the other Chanukah, the civil war Chanukah, where Jews killed other Jews for religious reasons, but also for political ones.  There is also the Rabbi’s Chanukah, where the oil  lasted for eight days....more

Faith and Feminism Writing Group

I am looking to start a writing group for writers on the topics of faith/spirituality/religion and feminism - very broadly defined. I envision the group as mostly a place to regularly submit ideas and drafts for feedback. And the possibility for collaboration with like minder writers. ...more

I would welcome feedback on my mother-daughter dialogues,
Becoming ...more

Choice-Feminism & Egalitarian Jewish Law

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Raising a Jewish daughter v. raising a daughter Jewish-ly?

I am Jewish, so is her father. We live a life within the Jewish community. At seven months, she has never gone for longer than two weeks without attending services.  All objective facts point to        Z being raised in a Jewish home.  However, I hesitate to say that we are raising a Jewish child, simply because we are raising a child jewish-ly.  (Just as I hesitate to assume she will choose her birth gender – nevertheless for now she is a girl)....more
I think you are spot on. I was raised as nothing really in an interfaith home and came to ...more

"sister-wives" a review

My last year of college I wrote a rather lengthy thesis, where after many interviews and  much reading,  I came to believe  a rather simple idea:  many women who practice patriarchal forms of a variety of religions, understand their practice in terms of particularity within  universality....more