Braised Balsamic Cipollini Onions

January and February is a manic time for vegetable gardeners (like me). A thick layer of snow still covers my yard — not Boston-thick, thank goodness (sorry, Boston!), but still deep, considering it’s now March — and I am beyond antsy to get out into the garden and start planting. No dice ....more

Favorite Soups and Staying in Touch

Hi Everyone! I hope-ity hope-hope that winter will start winding down with the turn of the month. It’s extra cruel when Mother Nature slaps us down (more snow! ...more

Pan Seared Tofu with Avocado Pomegranate Salsa

Are you a tofu hater? I have a definitely a like/dislike relationship with tofu. Early on, my first experience was with the soft, silken stuff, and wow, did I have a texture reaction to it ....more

Sourdough Rye Bread Bowls

I had never thought to serve soup in a bread bowl until Panera came along. The first time I had its (now sadly long discontinued) Cuban Black Bean soup in that tender sourdough bread bowl, I was completely smitten. The whole experience is a soup lover’s treat: the soup thickens ever-so-slightly as it mixes with the bowl’s interior crumbs; the cap cut from the bowl is highly noshable; and finally, when the soup is gone, you get in there with your hands, tear the bowl apart, and enjoy the soup-soaked bread down to the last bite ....more

Vegetarian French Onion Soup

Along with chili and maybe bolognese, French onion soup ranks right up there with kitchen aromas that cut through the dark chill of winter. It’s a Sunday sort of soup that likes a long cook to produce that sweet caramelized onion goodness. Why vegetarian? ...more

Wild Yeast Sourdough Starter

Winter is a great time for indoor projects. This year, I wanted to tackle a sourdough starter. I had one years ago from King Arthur Flour that disappeared at some point (either after a move, or more likely a casualty of a manic, take-no-prisoners refrigerator clean-out) and have been meaning to reboot my bread making mojo ....more

Winter Citrus Salad with Burrata

Winter can be a challenging time for this summer girl. If anyone were a candidate for seasonal affective disorder, it’s me. All the gloom ....more

Jalapeño Beer Cheese Soup

The artisan food and beverage movement has created so many lovely businesses in my hometown, I can’t keep count. Cincinnati has a deep and rich beer history, thanks, in part, to its German heritage: the brands Christian Moerlein, Hudepohl, and Weidemann, among others, began in Cincinnati. In grad school, a fellow student even wrote his dissertation on the topic (and took a lot of ribbing over it, mostly because the rest of us were sequestered away in the library for days on end while he was out and about town on his “research” trips) ....more

Cold-Fighting Couscous Chicken Soup

I knew this winter was going to be a tough one when my annual, knock-down-drag-out cold arrived in October. I really hope that I’ve paid my cold dues for the season, but judging by the red-noses and saggy faces of folks schlepping around the grocery store, looking like death warmed over, cold season has arrived with claws extended. I don’t care if there’s science behind it; I don’t care if it’s a placebo effect of memories from my youth, sipping chicken soup when sick ....more

Healthy Chicken Chili

It’s chili cook-off time here in Cincinnati. I don’t compete, but the steady social media stream of January calls-for-entry always gets me itching to make a big pot of spicy goodness. Red meat isn’t really my thing, so even though I do make a mean batch of chili, it was a once-a-year meal ....more