Learning to Fly

Wow! I am just really learning to promote myself as an abstract artist. A friend of mine, Lucy Farmer, is an ace at social media and self promotion and has been helping me with this brave new world (for me it is anyway). It all feels a little self gratifying and a little "hey everybody! Look at me!", which is totally not who I am, so it feels awkward and a little disconcerting at times. I have been on facebook for several years but am now on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and now BlogHer....more

Home Sweet Home

Its so funny thinking back on all of the homes I have started in my life. I have rented and owned  8 homes between the ages of 19 to my current 40 years of age. It seems, for me anyway, that my homes have always started out threadbare. Gradually, they got filled, with neccessities first, then comfort and art (same thing, right?). This last home that I purchased started out much the same, but it was filled a little differently this time....more

Art in Cullman, Alabama

I am S.A., a visual artist located in Cullman, Alabama. ...more
Welcome!  Creativity has a way to open the world and soothe the soul. Since you are new to ...more