Regaining Life After A Nervous Breakdown

It all started in September of 2012.  I thought life was running pretty smoothly. I was doing fine at my full-time fast paced job, busy being a wife and mother and on top of all of that I was working hard on a website that I was building.  My spirits were high and so were my expectations. Nothing was going to stop me.  I was on a mission to live the life that I wanted.  I always had this reach for the stars attitude....more

Fall Decorating Ideas

One of my favorite seasons of the year is fall. The changing leaves boasting vibrant hues of rusty red, burnt orange and soft yellow paint a beautiful and natural picture across the landscape.  You should see the landscape during that time of year here in the rolling hills of Kentucky!  Absolutely breathtaking!Not only is it the season where we can enjoy cooler temperatures and fun filled hayrides, it is the perfect time to decorate your home to reflect a lovely autumn scene....more