Helping my Teen to help herself - sounds easy enough...NOT.

I have the best teen  - no really I do.  She is bright, funny, articulate, and very opinionated.  She has a come back for everything.  She is graduating this upcoming year 2013 to be exact, and does not really understand what she is going to do with her life.  Is it not our job to guide them and provide prospective ideas for their future?  She mentioned art and wanted to try SCAD however, SCAD is pretty pricy.  I want her to have a happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle but I also want her to put God first above everything else.   Does anyone ...more

What Relationships Mean to Me

  Relationships are what you make them to be.  It is tough to prioritize the relationships in my life.  First is my relationship with God my heavanly father.  I am alive after all because he created me.  I've had numerous relationships throughout life but Gods is the most dependable.  I've been through storms and paradise as a teenager...First loves, best friends and all that.  I can say that my relationship with my husband and children is one of my most cherished and of course my parents.  I didn't have a great upbringing bu...more

40 and Not So Fabulous!

Okay so I've been 40 since December 4, 2011.  So far, my health is not so fabulous.  I've been put on cholesterol medicine, blood sugar medicine (stick myself 2 to 3 times a day - uggh) and my mammogram came back abnormal which the doctor feels is probably a cyst or fibroid.  Anyone out there feel like me?  I still keep it all in perspective, I am alive, I am still a great mother and wife and I still love the Lord so all in all I guess 40 is only fabulous if you make it that way. ...more

Grandmomma Mary's Baking Memories

My Grandmother was best known for her wonderful meals she would make from homemade biscuits to homemade chicken and dumplings.  Her chocolate sauce wasn't bad either.  I remember as a teenager helping her roll out the dough, press it down, take a butter knife and cut strips and then again until you had small retangles.  She was awesome.  That's probably why my mother is an amazing woman too.  My grandmother's biscuit recipe used the basics: Self Rising Flour Shortening Buttermilk All mixed together in a bowl and rolled out and...more