Apple Pie Oatmeal Recipe

This morning I felt the need to get a little crazy with breakfast. I was craving something sweet, warm and filling.Enter apple pie oatmeal.Everything you could want and more from a breakfast.After I made the dish, I got even crazier and added Maple Syrup. I'm so smart....more

What I Ate Wednesday ... So Far.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!This weeks seems to be going by painfully slow, but at the same time I've been having a lot of fun! Hornets game last night {yay for the W!}, dinner with a friend who moved home later this week and a wedding this weekend. Plus the weather has been absolutely beautiful. Did I mention how much I love October?Back to the fact that it's Wednesday ... ...more

Shopping Wish List

I have made the executive decision that for every inch I lose, I can treat myself to ONE of the items on my current wish list. I absolutely love shopping, so what better way to use it as a reward system for toning it up?With all the Pure Barre I've been taking {officially 7 days in a row as of today!} and the running I've been doing, I'm bound to tone up as long as I stick with it....more

Plank A Day

So I'm jumping on the #plankaday bandwagon, and for the month of October, I will hold my plank every day.Here is my plank time in May of this year.I suck at plank. Really, I do. The fact that I can't hold my plank for even a third of the time in Pure Barre is frustrating to me. Big time....more

Motivation Monday

For those of you who sign up for Tone It Up emails {which if you don't, you should do it now here}, you know that Monday's are Motivation Mondays.On their calendars, they usually have a motivating quote. Today's quote is, "Judge each day not by the harvest you reap, but the seeds you plant." Love it!They also share some success stories, which I absolutely love reading.In addition to sharing the lovely Tone It Up ladies' motivation, today I will be sharing my own :)Now, my Motivation Monday is a little different....more

No More Protein Pancakes?!?!?

Last week, before my half marathon, I stated that I would be going paleo. I hadn't really done any research or thought anything through, I just made that decision from my two weeks of paleo this past summer.After the half, and to this day, I still have non-paleo foods in my home. I, like many others, can't afford to throw these foods out, so I planned to wait to go paleo after all of these foods were gone.This week, I did some research and started to think things through. Honestly, I'm not sure that at this time paleo is right for me....more

What I (Plan To Eat) Wednesday

Hey y'all! Thanks so much for all the love about my first half marathon! Y'all are the best! So like the past few Wednesday's this is another What I Plan To Eat Wednesday for Jen @ Peas and Crayon's WIAW Party! I usually plan my meals and workouts the morning of, but for today, I planned last night. 20120307-081601.jpg So here it goes ... AM Workout: 30 minutes on the treadmill doing a walking incline workout. It was EXACTLY what my little hips needed :) M1: Tone It Up's Slimdown Pancakes. I missed these babies and they are just as good as I remembered! 20120307-081811.jpg Slurp!...more

My FIRST Half Marathon!!

Hey y'all! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty amazing ... I ran the entire time for my first half marathon! I can't express how PROUD I am of myself!! I love that I put my mind to something and accomplished it! It feels amazing :)I'm not going to lie, there were times when I wanted to give up, when I wanted to just start walking ... but I didn't. I love when I'm strong and determined!...more
Yay! It's awesome you made it across the finish line! It must feel fantastic to reach your goal ...more

Thursday Latlies

Hey y'all! How is everyone?Today will be a little different. Today will be about life lately.1) There are THREE days until my first half marathon!!Yes, I'm freaking out.I, being the genius I am, looked at the course yesterday. Dumbest idea ever!But I will say that in preparation for the half, this week I have:...more

What I (Plan To Eat) Wednesday

Hey y'all! How is everyone?? Y'all failed me yesterday with that light citrus-y dressing!! Haha. I ended up having something completely different {and bad} yesterday: a baked sweet potato with real butter and a little blue cheese and ... icing. You heard me. I had some leftover icing and I ate a few spoonfuls! I really have no self-control, and I'm upset I cheated on my Lenten promise, but y'all, it was ah-mazing and hit the spot :/Anyway, after having a pretty cruddy day yesterday, today already seems to be off to a good start, so I'm going to roll with it!...more