Can I Say Racist Now?


When Death Comes

Death comes without warning but always seem to reek havoc no matter the circumstance.  My Uncle died on Sunday morning of a heart attack.  ...more

Who Is The Adult In This Situation?

My kids and I have many one liners that help them to understand what I expect of them.  When they tell me about something some one else is doing I ask who are you responsible for?  Or when they misbehave in church I say where are you? ...more

Adults Behaving Badly

Is it Ok to excuse an adult for behavior you would punish your kids for?  This is a question I am pondering because I encountered a very very rude adult at church.  While I was complaining about the behavior, two of her friends came to her defense.  I was told that she is one of the nicest, kind hearted people I would ever come in contact with.  They said she would do anything she can for you.  She ju ...more

A Salad a Day

OK last year this time I was dieting.  I was eating very well and exercising but was  losing weight slowly.  I told myself that it was best all the while I really really wanted to get this weight off! ...more

I am actually planning to make an abreviated version for a taco potluck on Friday. I add ...more

Top Ten Resons I Love Being a Mommy

I have to confess that I hate Mother's Day.  My mom is no longer here and it just seems like the whole month of May is designed to remind me of that fact.  Then lets not start on the fact that I am sure GOD knew what he was doing but I have kids by some of the most ungrateful....... ...more


One monkey don’t stop this show. ...more

Whose Life is This?

Are You on The List?

I was reading an article about Oprah’s interview with Michelle Obama and there was a line that just got me.  When Oprah asked her about getting up at 4:30am (YES, AM!!!!) to workout she said  “Well, I just started thinking, if I had to get up to go to work, I'd get up and go to work. ...more

My Voting Story

This election has brought up many emotions and memories for me.  There are times and things that remember as if it were yesterday:  I remember watching Barack Obama announce and thinking he may ACTUALLY be president one day, just not now.No wonder I never hit the lottery!  I was in my kitchen feeding my children and in a great mood because of my new sales job.  Then there was the time I had a conversation with my f ...more

They had a ball yesterday. My oldest updated his myspace with pics and such.  He spent much ...more