Thankful for my Garden and Cookies!!! This past Friday I decided to go to my Mom's house and take a look at all of my plants I neglected in the winter.  Some had shriveled leaves and others looked plain dead.  But to my surprise, Most of my plants were still growing.  When the plants had turned to seed, those seeds fell on the soil and laid dormant until spring.  Now my stevia plant is back, I had seeds from some of my greens mix, I saw basil popping up despite the weeds, and flowers on my strawberry plants.  Don't you just love plants!...more

Winter's not Always so Bad

In life we all have season's and right now, I'm in winter.  Things are a lot slower and not as green and sunny.  Some days I just want to hibernate.  What I have found though, is that some of my best cooking ideas and tastiest dishes have been during this time.  I've had to ...more

The Last Supper

I wrote this little ditty for a contest on OWN television.  It's a true story of my love affair with food.  At first I didn't want to share but decided that sharing my loves and passions with other people could be an inspiration.  Hope you enjoy!P.S.  My son came up with a new recipe idea.  I've been meaning to post it but the plate is empty before I can take pics.  Look for it and other exciting videos soon!The Last Supper...more

Southern Veg Mamma? You Bet!

Gluten Free? No Problem!

 Here is my most recent blog post on Southern Vegetarian Chronicles.   It's for some of you who may not only be vegetarian/vegan but also gluten free.   I asked my Twitter friend Patricia Biesen, (I meet some of the coolest people there:-) to help me by writing up a little survival guide for folks who are making the switch to gluten free living.  Enjoy!...more

HOT! A Lesson on Life from Cooking with my Little Girl.

The other day my youngest daughter pulled up a chair to help me cook beans and rice.  I have to let her chop the onions and garlic with a butter knife and help me pick herbs from the garden.  We have fun!  All in all I am pleased that she wants to cook.  She even recently made a raw kale and strawberry salad for her brother.  ...more

Sunday Dinner

When I post my Sunday dinner recipes I get an awesome response from my readers.  Well,  I am asking some of my readers to contribute one of their favorite Sunday recipes for a contest I am having,  here are the details:  Southern Vegetarian LivingContest time! I need another Sunday Dinner idea. Can you help me? Win a pink , sz large Southern Vegetarian Living t-shirt and have your recipe featured on the Sunday Dinner segment of my blog....more

A Timeless Passion

Taken from This year I will be 40 and  more than anything I've been reviewing my intentions, the actions that have made up my life.  Am I authentic?  Am I honest?  Am I  living from the heart or my head?  Unfortunately, I have lived mostly from m...more