Go to that High School Reunion.*

After first seeing the Facebook announcement for my 35th High School Reunion, I looked at it. Then I looked at it again. The passage of 35 years was so hard to conceive and my arithmetic so weak, I took out paper and pen and subtracted 1981 from 2016 ....more

I’m invoking the Erma Bombeck Rule. (My personal Erma Bombeck Rule that is.)

The first rule of blogging is immediacy. Or is it frequent posting? Then there’s good content ....more

Lemonade — or something stronger? Raising money for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

This isn’t my first rodeo raising money for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), so you wouldn’t expect a rookie mistake. Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself ....more

I’m too selfish with yoga. Or why would I post a photo of Auburn’s mascot?

I had an active imagination as a girl. That’s code for I used to lie every now and then, like at show-and-tell ....more

My Sweet Vidalia. An interview with author Deborah Mantella.

In her memorable debut novel, My Sweet Vidalia, Deborah Mantella explores the supernatural symbiotic cord tethering mother and daughter. ...more

Hey Readers. I do still have readers, right?

I do still have readers? Well Jamie, if you’d give us something to read, maybe we’d stop by more often. Oh yeah ....more

Antiques Roadshow Tickets. Trash or treasure?

I’m a loser. Of things that is. I’ve lost a $10,000 check...more

Clemson Spineless. Where’s a little okra backbone when you need it?

An okra crisis. I’ve been silent here for a while and nothing like the potential catastrophe of tectonic dinner plates smashing together to draw me to my blog dashboard. Granted I planted late this year ....more

Time to . . . what?

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. ...more