American Girl and Sweet Child of Mine. Whatever happened to those two?

 American Girl or Sweet Child O' Mine?Okay. If you were born anytime after 1990, you might as well stop reading now. *   *   *The other day, I heard American Girl on the radio.Backstory if you were born after 1990 and decided to read anyway. American Girl is a song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released in 1977.Upon hearing the best song ever in my car, I decided to dig my CD out of the attic....more

Those Damnable Coathangers. Or No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

No good deed goes unpunished. Sounds cynical. Maybe it’s more like, No good deed goes remembered by the menopausal mind ....more

Time to Start Taking the Time.

Oy. Life is flying by and I haven’t stopped by to chat for the longest time. Plenty of posts started in my head but paying work, cooking collard green soup, cleaning house, changing the inner tubes on my bike tires and rearing children have taken priority ....more

I started this blog . . . and then BAM.

I don’t really know why I started this blog. No. That’s not entirely correct ....more

Thank God, God is my Personal Trainer.

Oh faithful blog readers. Superwoman has an update. Or is it Wonder Woman? ...more

Oh To Be a Lemon Farmer. 

Maybe it’s this cold winter, but I found myself googling cruises to the North Sea. No sillies. Lemon trees ....more

Ten Things Thankful. It’s the Little Things Edition.

This past week seemed sooo long. Weird because it was a shorter one. We traveled back from Florida Monday so the kids had only four days of school ....more

Ronald McDonald and the Princesses. I had a ball.

Whether by blinding passion or raging anxiety, my leap to join the Ronald McDonald House Charity Team for the Disney Princess weekend ended up being a very, very good thing. Last August, I signed on for the Glass Slipper Challenge — running a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. And committed to raise $750 for the RMHC of Central Georgia by mid-January ....more

Ash Wednesday and an open bag of KitKats.

Today is Ash Wednesday beginning the 40-day period leading up to Easter. Traditionally, a period of introspection and focusing on the gift of Easter. Also self-denial ....more

Insert pic of me with Pinocchio nose?

I remember the time I was cornered by...more