I Want That.

I don't consider myself religious. Having been raised Church of Christ, then becoming Catholic after getting married, I feel I've done all I can to follow the rules of organized religion.I can't say I lost my faith in God. I just somehow lost faith in not just organized religion, but more importanly, in myself, many times, to the point of assuming that every decision I made - large or small - would of course, be the wrong one. ...more

Running Up The Hill

My run last week began with exhilaration. A cold, February morning in the Ohio Valley warmed to a sunny afternoon and evening.I joined my running club friends in the church parking lot to prepare for our evening run. And so we started with a brisk pace, up and down some of Cincinnati's rolling hills. I've been a runner since my college days. This night, however, I began to feel, well, old. ...more