9 Years

It was April and pink dogwood blossoms....more


Life. So much life happening here. Our home is fairly bursting with it ....more

A Good Night for The Sky Trout Hotel

We’re embedded in August....more

Only Ever Meant to Be Herself

A forever friend and I collapsed into chairs facing each other in a crowded restaurant....more

Routine Without Training Wheels

We have the best thing ever going this summer....more

The Butterfly and the Pacifier

I still don’t really quite know how it all happened....more

The Month of all The Things

Oh, where to begin? ...more

The Journey to Here

So, as you know, we made it. But barely. The journey to here was quite the adventure (euphemism for most disastrous cross-country odyssey potentially ever) ....more

Hello. Here I am.

I’m reading this beautiful book right now. ...more

Moving Mess

Here’s where we are on the move:...more