Light Changes

So we're still working on Phase Two of the Guest Bedroom Remodel (I really hate painting door trim because you have to be really careful when painting the place where it meets the wall so it's a veeerryy slow process), but in the meantime we have made a few more changes in other places around the house.  I haven't posted any pics of our foyer to this blog just yet, but it's one of the rooms my hubby worked on today (along with the hall).       The foyer was the same orange-y/gold-ish color as the living room (seen ...more

Guest Bedroom Phase One

As you can tell by the title of a few of my posts, most of our projects are done in phases.  Why?  Because of time and budget constraints.  We do not do renovations on loan!...more

5 Easy Steps to a Great Garage Sale!

Thought about hosting a garage sale?  More and more people are as budgets tighten and closets burst at the seams with all of the "stuff" we accumulate over the years.  When the hubby and I moved in to our first home, we still had plenty of college furniture and supplies.  We've slowly replaced, upgraded, or decided we just didn't need some things anymore.  In the past, we've simply donated EVERYTHING we didn't want to our local Goodwill (except for our sofas, which we found a buyer for).  However, during my most recent purge of our house (and I still have another ro...more