His Lack of Trust in Me

It happened again last night. We were at a friend's house, I got a tweet on my phone so I texted back. This happened a couple of times and that was it. My husband blew up this morning because I was texting a guy last night. I told him it was twitter and I even showed him the page, he wouldn't look of course becuase then if he did he wouldn't have anything to accuse me of and would see it was innocent tweeting. There was a group of us tweeting about life...nothing more....more
@Susan1  @avflox Sorry, been terribly busy lately. I hardly ever get back here. We've been doing ...more

Lost In My Marriage

I just don't know anymore...don't know who I am or what to do... We've been together for over 25yrs, have 2 kids (late teens, early 20's) and have pretty much reached what I think is the end of our marriage.I've tried everything I know to keep it together but it's just not happening. We go places together, can sit in the same room toghether for hours and don't speak a word. ...more
@Darcie I've been trying so hard. We went on a trip recently to Cuba and by the third day we ...more