Thanksgiving Leftover Meal

I'm sure this is all over the internet this week because Thanksgiving is fast approaching and everyone wants to use up all of their turkey right away.I'm positive this didn't all come together on my drive home, but my brain would like me to think I'm that creative....more

Making Polo Wraps

Polo wraps....more

Learning How To Play Cricut

A few years ago, I found out about the device called Cricut and I've been wetting my pants with excitement to get one ever since....more

A Green Tomato Pie Adventure

When we had a near freeze about 2 weeks ago, I decided to go out and pick all of the tomatoes....more

Winter Means Ponyhats

The temperature went from 60 degrees on Wednesday to 30 something last night, with no hopes of seeing 60 degrees outside for a while.This means it might be late fall and looking like winter.We've had a great fall....more

How I Hit the Jackpot

I walked into the teacher's room at school one day and happened upon two stacks of fabric that said free....more

Keeping the Factory Hem When Shortening Jeans- A Tutorial

I've spent my life hemming pants and while I'm pretty happy with the way I do a blind hem, I don't like that look on jeans....more

The World's Most Expensive Dog Bed

A woman I know thinks I am a fabulous seamstress because she's asked me to make some crazy things in the past that I've managed to pull off with some serious creativity....more

If This Jeep


Things You Might Hear In My Classroom

These kids are constantly cracking me up with their comments and questions and they provide far more comic relief than middle school ever did!"Here, French lady, here's that paper you want"- waving a paper frantically in my face....more