How Does Your Garden Grow

I've been pretty busy in the greenhouse this month, believing that my heat mat might be enough to make the seeds germinate and the weather my cooperate enough to actually get a head start on my seedlings.Peas were the first thing I put in the germination cage....more

A Little Something For Myself

The woman at school who thinks I can sew like magic put me to work once again....more

A Royal Flush With The Queen of Hearts

I don't play poker so I have no idea what this title really means....more

A Little Easter Cheer

Finally, FINALLY, I can put my clothes on the line to dry!...more

Making Lunch

Do you bring your lunch to work?...more

Beating the Queen of Hearts

When Sarah at put out the 4x7 sewing challenge in February, I used it to get my butt in gear and finally make a quilt I've been thinking about for years....more

My Uber-ly Big Misunderstanding

I can start this post by saying that I know I live in a fantasy world a good portion of the time....more

TAKE THAT You Darn Varmints!

Two springs ago, after I planted an entire packet of peas in containers in the greenhouse, some mice helped themselves to the plump pea-ness of my efforts and ate every single one of them!How do I know?...more