The World's Most Expensive Dog Bed

A woman I know thinks I am a fabulous seamstress because she's asked me to make some crazy things in the past that I've managed to pull off with some serious creativity....more

If This Jeep


Things You Might Hear In My Classroom

These kids are constantly cracking me up with their comments and questions and they provide far more comic relief than middle school ever did!"Here, French lady, here's that paper you want"- waving a paper frantically in my face....more

A Bounty of Grapes

We have a plethora of grape vines on the property that have been here far longer than any of us....more

Htting The Sauce

Finally- FINALLY, I realized that if I use this handy little device, I can make a good jellied cranberry sauce that everyone will eat. This fabulous device is called a food mill....more

How Many Cans Can a Canner Can?

Last weekend, k-ster and I drove about an hour away to pick apples....more

Being Thankful Other Than At Thanksgiving

The SITS girls offered a Back to Blogging Challenge this week to help those of us that fell completely off the blogging wagon hop back on just in time for the fun that is blogging about our real lives (because summer is never real life, is it?)Today's challenge is to write about 10 things we are thankful for....more

Favorite Fall Photo

Day 3 of the Back to Blogging with the SITS girls and I figured out why I haven't been so active on the blog....more

Back To School Memory

Day 2 of the Back to Blogging Challenge and I really don't like the title:...more

What Fall Means Lately

I'm joining the SITS girls and their back to blogging challenge because I seem to be on a permanent blogging hiatus....more