Sewing A Knit Dress

In yesterday's post, I showed you my first attempt a making a shirt from a knit fabric....more


It's been a decade since I actually sat at my sewing machine and sewed a piece of clothing for myself....more

Time For Ponyhats!

If you're like me, you hate to wear winter hats for several reasons:...more

A Glimpse Of Trailer Park Life

I know, you've already got an image in your mind....more

Back When Thongs Were Thongs

When I was little, everyone called these thongs....more

A Series Of Peculiar Events

I think I've been in some kind of Twilight Zone episode for the better part of this summer....more

It's BTS Season and I'm Not Partaking

Back.To.School.Apparently we've been in back to school mode since the first week of July because that's when I saw the first ads for back to school shopping....more

Hang On To Your T-shirts Before I Recycle It Right Off Your Back!

I've created my own monster....more

Growing A GIF In My Garden

I love to do photo challenges on instagram because it makes me remember to take pictures and it's fun to see if I can actually do the challenge for the day.Right now, I'm doing Rachel's August photo challenge from Adventures in Wunderland....more

Like A Deer On Ice

I was walking barefoot on the carpet the other day and notice it kind of felt slippery....more