How Little It Takes To Make Me So Happy

It's time for a little learning session here on Aunt Mildred's Porch, so sit down and listen, while I tell you a story.I recently had jury duty and though this is like the 7th time I've been called for jury duty, never have I served, I dreaded it with every ounce of my being....more

Grilling Pizza for the Feint of Heart

When you hear about grilling pizza, you probably think it's a great idea and then tremble a little at the thought of how it all works....more

The Big City Quilt Debut

When k-ster's niece got married in May, I decided it was time to try a pattern I've had my eye on for a while....more

Indulging In A New Obsession With My Crockpot

When I went to see my sister a-ster in May, we had something called pho one night....more

How We Cookout

It's July and that must mean it's time for the annual cookout recap....more

Growing Corn In My Home Garden

I remember hearing that you can't grow corn without chemicals....more

How To Be A Sailor or Just Talk Like One

Here on Aunt Mildred's Porch, we do a lot of talking about crafting and cooking, but sometimes I just can't help teaching you a little something.Today, I'd like to teach you 3 words so you too can be a sailor or at least just talk like one.I think everyone is familiar with the term MAYDAY, which one says when one is sinking, in a plane falling from the sky or in some other dreadful situation where help is needed....more

Running Away With Runners

I've noticed A LOT of people on instagram make lots of small quilts, mini-quilts, table runners, etc. and it dawned on me recently that this is probably the best way to perfect my quilting techniques....more

Underground Mysteries

I've been growing potatoes for a few years and no matter how many times I see the green plant up top and root around underneath and come up with potatoes, I'm still amazed every time.I have an old black wheelbarrow in the greenhouse where I threw in a couple of potatoes a few years ago....more

Trying Shrimp Tacos For the First Time

When I hear the words fish/shrimp and tacos or burritos together, I tend to get a little squeamish....more