The Paneled Sunsuit Debut

Did you wear sunsuits as a little girl?...more

Change It Up With Caprese Chicken

I saw something somewhere (this seems to be my mantra lately, with no real idea of where I've seen anything) about Caprese Chicken and the wheels started turning.I tried finding the actual recipe but I was taken down too many roads with too little time, so I winged it.Well, I didn't use any chicken wings, actually, but I used chicken breasts....more

Making A Perfect Arrow

When I make something, precision is always my goal. I'm a perfectionist and I can't help it....more

A Few Sandwiches Short of a Picnic

Do you know that expression?...more

There's a Hole In My Bucket

This week, even though I keep falling behind on the days, I'm playing with the sits girls in their Stop the Summer Slump Blogging Challenge.Today, or two days ago, the challenge is to make a bucket list of thing you must do this summer.I have a thing about lists....more

This Is Summer

I'm playing with the SITS girls this week, in their Stop the Summer Slump Blogging Challenge....more

National Fabric and Craft Store Requires Customers to Have PhD

"I'm not sure if this is on sale but I think I can get 40%"......more

Making Do For Free

Living in a very old house, the biggest frustration is lack of closet space....more

Bo, Luke and Daisy

It's been exactly 6 months since Gwennevere went off to mousier pastures and k-ster finally agreed it was time to get kittens.I've been looking for about a month but we have this weird situation around here where kittens aren't very plentiful....more

Potatoes And Greens Oh My

My greens are growing quite prolifically in the greenhouse right now, so I'm always looking for things to do with them....more