Why Elementary School Is More Fun

We are officially BTS now and after such a gorgeous summer with very little humidity and day after day of awesome weather, we were welcomed back with 80+ degree days and humidity at about 500%....more

Long Sleeve Lady Skater Perfection

I said I was done sewing knits because I'd used every knit that was available at the fabric store, but here I am again.Now I have to be done with knits because I don't need any more clothing!I found this stretchy fabric and thought it might make a nice long sleeve version of the Lady Skater from kitschycoo and it might look a little bit fancier than just a regular knit because it has some texture. ...more

Doing the T-Shirt Mash

My sister a-ster started something on her blog a while ago called the Monthly Mashup....more

Now Let's See Who's Wearing the Pants

As my adventures in sewing with knit fabrics continues, I ventured into the land of pajama pants this week.K-ster has had a pair of lounge pants for well over a decade and they are missing some serious fabric in places....more

Sewing A Knit Dress Part Deux

You might have read that I've just entered the land of knit fabric and my passport hadn't expired, so I took another trip with a knit and I like this one the best.Thanks to kitschycoo, I made both the Comino Cap shirt and dress....more

Blackberry Jelly Whether I Like It Or Not

We have lots of wild things that grow around here....more

Sewing A Knit Dress

In yesterday's post, I showed you my first attempt a making a shirt from a knit fabric....more


It's been a decade since I actually sat at my sewing machine and sewed a piece of clothing for myself....more

Time For Ponyhats!

If you're like me, you hate to wear winter hats for several reasons:...more

A Glimpse Of Trailer Park Life

I know, you've already got an image in your mind....more