Getting A Little Crotch-ety With Pants Fitting

Remember these shorts that I loved sooooooo much this summer from Alina Design Co. and I made like a hundred pair?...more

Eat Some Real Pumpkin And Get Back to Me

I was at the grocery today and saw this and realized it's time for another rant on "pumpkin" flavored everything.If you're too lazy to read any further, here's my point:...more

The Summer The Chino Bug Bit Me

So, I've been a little busy this summer with the Chitown Chinos shorts and skirt pattern from Alina Design Co....more

Running An Asylum

Growing up in a seasonal campground, I have answered the phone since I was about 8 and knew the "no tents allowed" refrain way before I understood town by-laws....more

An Overabundance of Greenies

With 3 cats, I go through a lot of cat food....more

My Love Affair With the Greenwood Tank

It's been so hot and humid for the past few weeks, sewing hasn't really been something I've wanted to even though I've had lots of sewing plans on my radar....more

A Variation on Shrimp Tacos

I posted about Shrimp Tacos around this time last year but I've recently edited the recipe and like it much better.The first recipe called for mangoes and they aren't all that easy to come by here....more

The French Teacher Has Left the Building

As this school year ended, I was on pins and needles for a month waiting to find out if I had a new job....more

Patriotic Quilt #1

K-ster's cousin recently graduated from college and is a commissioned lieutenant in the Marines....more

The Zipper Virgin

In recent years, I've gone back to garment sewing thanks to my sister encouraging me to tackle knit fabrics with my serger....more