How Many Cans Can a Canner Can?

Last weekend, k-ster and I drove about an hour away to pick apples....more

Being Thankful Other Than At Thanksgiving

The SITS girls offered a Back to Blogging Challenge this week to help those of us that fell completely off the blogging wagon hop back on just in time for the fun that is blogging about our real lives (because summer is never real life, is it?)Today's challenge is to write about 10 things we are thankful for....more

Favorite Fall Photo

Day 3 of the Back to Blogging with the SITS girls and I figured out why I haven't been so active on the blog....more

Back To School Memory

Day 2 of the Back to Blogging Challenge and I really don't like the title:...more

What Fall Means Lately

I'm joining the SITS girls and their back to blogging challenge because I seem to be on a permanent blogging hiatus....more

Why Elementary School Is More Fun

We are officially BTS now and after such a gorgeous summer with very little humidity and day after day of awesome weather, we were welcomed back with 80+ degree days and humidity at about 500%....more

Long Sleeve Lady Skater Perfection

I said I was done sewing knits because I'd used every knit that was available at the fabric store, but here I am again.Now I have to be done with knits because I don't need any more clothing!I found this stretchy fabric and thought it might make a nice long sleeve version of the Lady Skater from kitschycoo and it might look a little bit fancier than just a regular knit because it has some texture. ...more

Doing the T-Shirt Mash

My sister a-ster started something on her blog a while ago called the Monthly Mashup....more

Now Let's See Who's Wearing the Pants

As my adventures in sewing with knit fabrics continues, I ventured into the land of pajama pants this week.K-ster has had a pair of lounge pants for well over a decade and they are missing some serious fabric in places....more

Sewing A Knit Dress Part Deux

You might have read that I've just entered the land of knit fabric and my passport hadn't expired, so I took another trip with a knit and I like this one the best.Thanks to kitschycoo, I made both the Comino Cap shirt and dress....more