I Was Just Trying To Be An Honest Citizen

And I'll never do that again!Here's what happened.I'm currently in the midst of making these: The high school Winter Percussion has enlisted my services once again and charged me with creating something close to this picture, without the whole bodysuit thing....more

A Little Surge of Hope For My Serger

It's a sad week in my sewing room....more

The Penny Trifecta

The big day has finally arrived....more

Making A Trifecta

Leading up to the wild fun my sister and I are revealing on Thursday, I made my first attempt at a Trifecta top by, of course, kitschycoo....more

The Penny Details

As promised yesterday, more pictures and better details of the penny pinafore from kitschycoo. Many of the pennies I've seen on instagram and all over the internet involved two fabric choices to really highlight the princess seaming....more

A Couple of Pennies

Continuing my newfound enjoyment of sewing with knits, I've attempted a different pattern from kitschycoo:...more

No Dignity For the Human

As you might have read yesterday, I had to put my cat to sleep....more

What's In A Name

I rarely reveal anyone's real name on my blog, to protect the somewhat innocent, but I believe it's time to reveal a name. Gwenstopher....more

What Christmas Week Is Like

Now that my niece is 3, she keeps us all very busy with her conversations, her antics and her lengthy stories....more

The Great Argument Solver

In my family, we often have conversations about something that happened in the past, but just about every time, there is a major fact that none of us can place....more