Obedience In The Small Things

I shared recently that I had arrived at a point where I felt I needed to be still.  Although there were (and still are) unresolved situations, and problems that I felt needed addressing, God was telling me to stop and wait on Him.  Not to make any decisions in relation to these areas; not to act.  Simply to wait and to listen.  So I waited and I listened.  But what I heard was unexpected.  Waiting with an agenda, I was hoping for answers to the big things.  But what I kept hearing was 'Obedience in the small things'. ...more
Yes, it really starts there, doesn't it ... attending to the small things and details, while ...more

Working For a Harvest

Recently, I was encouraged by a reader with this verse: 'Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.'  Proverbs 14 v 4.  This is one of those verses, which if taken at face value, appears to be only applicable to farmers.  But, like most of Proverbs, there is a deeper meaning.  We all like things to be clean, yes?  A stable without an oxen is clean.  A life without difficulties is straight-forward.   ...more

Be Still

Do you like change?  I am one of these unusual people who thrives on it.  Change can be daunting, but it means things are moving.  It means that you are still taking steps.  Recently, my life has been refreshingly overwhelmed by change.  In part, this has been due to decisions on my part; some significant, some not so much.  And in part this has been due to circumstances beyond my control.  Either way, I have entered a new season. (Read on...)...more

I Bought A Dress

Today I feel vulnerable.  In fact, I feel a lot like drawing the curtains, hiding under a duvet and not speaking to anyone....more


Have you ever felt different?  Like the odd one out?  As a child, I was the 'weird' one.  My behaviour was different, my sense of humour was strange.  I was the short one, the ginger-haired one.  The Christian one.  I had a few good friends; but while they learning about hair and make-up, my head was preoccupied with entirely different concerns.  I devoted my spare time to tying up the loose ends in my head (of which there were many).  There were the things I'd been told.  My mum's open and honest conversations with me about all that had been sai...more

Negativity (Pt 2)

In my last blog I shared about taking responsibility for our own spiritual growth.  Ensuring that what lies beneath the surface is adequate to cope with the waves of negativity that come at us.  And I would love to continue with the boat theme, but as my nautical knowledge is based entirely upon my viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean, this would probably end up as a story about mermaids....more

I'm Not Saying That i Have It All Together..

I’m not saying that I have it all together, that I have it made.  But I am on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me’. Philippians 3:12...more

Negativity (Pt 1)

'' 'Our lives will capsize as well, if what lies below the spiritual water line of our lives doesn't outweigh what lies above'.... No matter how good we may look on the surface, no matter how balanced we may seem, it's what lies below that really counts.'' ...more

Wanted - He Never Lets Us Go

'No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him'.  John 6 v 44...more

Being a Teenage Mummy - How It Turned My Life Around

I often get things the wrong way around (the world is a confusing place).  I have been known to put the sugar canister in the fridge; to put my car into gear intending to go forward, only to reverse at an unsuspecting bystander.  One of the most major wrong-way-around things that I have done is to become a mummy at the age of seventeen and then do the whole uni, career, marriage thing.  And while I would never advocate or encourage teenage pregnancy, I do want to share my experience and the good that has come out of it....more