What the Summer Looked Like to me

This summer was probably the roughest one I’ve ever had. ever. Now that I’m starting to be able to breathe, I wanted to take a look back, and list what happened ....more

Said No Kid, Ever

I’m not terribly strict about my kids food. I try to feed them semi-healthy. But I wasn’t allowed junk food as a kid. Not because my mom thought it was unhealthy, but because she refused to buy me anything extra at the grocery store that the grownups wouldn’t eat. As a result. I didn’t get any sugary cereals, or spaghettios, or pop-tarts, etc. I thought it sucked. I also thought my friends lived in heaven because they got eggo waffles ....more

A Joke from my Dad

My dad is 79. He tends to email me every freakin’ joke (minus the boobs ’cause I’ll yell at him) that ends up in his email that his other 79 year old friends email him (from their friends and their friends and their friends, oy). This one tickled me though: A lawyer and a senior citizen are sitting next to each other on a long flight. The lawyer is thinking that seniors are so dumb that he could put one ...more

Help Me Understand Obamacare

I need your help in understanding what Obamacare would mean for my family. Please note: I am NOT looking for political opinions. They abound, and I have my own. I’m actually looking for what this literally, practically, logistically means for my family ....more

Swearing and Kids

Poe and I are terrible about swearing. We really are. I can swear like a sailor. We are usually pretty good about swearing in front of the kids, but I must admit that we’re not as careful now that they’re older and not prone to repeating what we say like parrots. Both kids recently had occassion to swear, and well? I’m kind of okay with it. In the first instance, Poe walked out with Joseph as they were taking trash ...more

BlogHer Review – Here I Go Again

For the BlogHer Book Club, I recently read Here I Go Again, by Jen Lancaster. The short version: I loved it ....more

Joseph is Home

Yesterday morning I talked to a doctor. I literally picked up the phone in a “I should call them” move. I was putting the phone down, thinking “give them an hour, and then call” when the phone rang. Eerie. They thought that Joseph was at a point where we can treat him on an outpatient basis ....more

An Update

All kinds of things go through my head as to what to post in this kind of thing. How is Joseph doing? How are we coping? How Logan handling it all? But taking the time to actually write it down as I’m living it seems to take more energy than I have right now ....more


I’m not sure what I want to say here. I’m a little numb, a little dumb, exhausted, and I still have to work, fend for another child, manage my husband’s schedule, all with a sinus infection. But – Joseph’s in the hospital again. Suicidal ideation, with a plan. In other words, he doesn’t want to die, but can’t get the pictures out of his head (obsessive compulsive) and he was afraid he would be worn down enough to do it ....more

Something You Should Read

First, I want to say that my son’s issues focus more inward than outward (toward himself rather than others). I don’t fear for others when they interact with my son – but I fear for him. My son suffers from mental illness. He’s 12. We are doing everything… everything in our power to help him. Everything we can think of. We’ve done a good job so far. We have. We are responsible. We watch his triggers. We have him in ...more