The healing power of vaginal fluid

Taken from Wikihow Vaginal fluid is said to be an antidote to insect bites. Many swore to its efficacy and potent powers including yours truly.I tell you this to prove my point about the efficacy of vaginal fluid which is corroborated by others that got bitten by insects and used it as the immediate answer to the problem. ...more

Sandra shares her blessings

The children of Tahanan ng Kabataan (House for the Youth) Sandy Alm nee Sandra Badon Tadeo is a small woman, standing just five feet and 146 pounds. An average Filipino beauty, she still stands out among the giants....more

Eldred Cole lives life to the fullest

 My friend Eldred Cole has always stood out, whether it’s with her quick smile that can reach as far as Silliman University or just her contagious congeniality. She is my sister in Portia Sorority back in the college of law at Xavier University....more

My five years with Ronnie

 “Married couples who love each other say a thousand things without talking.”-Chinese proverb Today, May 20, is my fifth wedding anniversary. I thought about whether it is appropriate to write and publish this since this may not be the right place to do so....more

Oro priests hold US-Canada tour this July

 The singing priests of the Cagayan de Oro Archdiocese will hold a US-Canada tour from July to August this year....more

My mother's love of plants

My favorite memory of my mother (Nanay in Filipino) is her love for plants and flowers. Writing is to me as taking care of a plant is to her. And my story tells how her love of plants made me cry and how she would poke fun whenever I do....more

Fil-American community spirit unites behind Pacquiao

The party at the house of Kay Antone ...more

St. Mark's Rosary Makers Ministry to distribute rosaries for 2015 Marian Congress

Susan Claire-Wild, St, Mark Rosary Maker Ministry coordinator, with the group ...more

Catherine and me

Me with Catherine Catherine Dennis is nine years old and despite her small stature, she talks big like an adult....more

Saving the coconut trees on Palm Sunday

 Sorry for this late post on Earth Day that was celebrated last April 22....more