What Happens Now

The past week has been filled with researching my diagnosis, scheduling appointments, and touching base with medical staff, as well as our new insurance company. Because of course the year we are dealing with my first breast care scare, we have a brand new insurance plan and company. This Friday morning I will have a bilateral...more

Benign Phyllodes Tumor

I got a call this afternoon letting me know that the pathology from my biopsies on Friday do not appear...more

Biopsy Day

Yesterday was Biopsy Day. A week ago, when I went for my first baseline mammogram, I never imagined that I would spend yesterday the way I did. My mother-in-law graciously picked me up and drove me to the Advocate Christ Breast Care Center at 8:30 a.m. I am grateful that she was available and willing to come with and support me ....more

Cutting to the Chase

On Friday I will have two biopsies done on my left breast (one toward the bottom and the other in my armpit). The results will be available on Monday or Tuesday next week. Six months from now I will also return for a mammogram of my right breast, due to calcium deposits ....more

Why You Should Follow Me, Coach Kathy!

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging as much recently is because I have been developing my comfort level with using other forms of social media. One those being You Tube. I am learning to make conversational videos, that I hope you can relate to ....more

We Are Moms

Six pregnancies. ...more

Loved, Missed, and Always, Always, Always in Our Hearts

It’s October 15th...more

Today You Are Twelve

Wow. Really? Twelve? ...more

Feeling Sorry For Myself

I used to… A lot… One of my biggest takeaways from the personal development books, podcasts, and You Tube videos I’ve consumed since becoming a health and fitness coach...more

Today You Are Six

You are in Kindergarten now and loving it! You started last week and have so many fun stories about each day when I pick you up from school. We have started playing “school” when you get home ....more