A letter to my Body

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There is something fundamentally inspiring in helping a person ...more

Pressure to BUY

Do you ever feel as if what you buy says something about WHO YOU ARE? I think a lot of women define themselves by WHAT THEY LACK and not WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE... I myself feel A LOT OF PRESSURE to own a home...I just wrote about it on http://specialktreatment.blogspot.com/, asking Do you ever feel as if you are just perpetually renting your life? As if you do not outright own it securely, or are just occupying space? The american culture tells us that we don't count unless we own something...  Do you agree? ...more

Economic Pressure to BUY

I just wrote about RENTING http://specialktreatment.blogspot.com/ and wanted to ask you all i you ever feel pressure to buy. What does what we buy say about us? ...more

Why can't we indulge ourselves?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about why it is so difficult for me to indulge myself, particularly my body. I wrote about an experience over a month ago on my blog, http://specialktreatment.blogspot.com/, and ever since, continue to struggle with the same theme. ...more

For two weeks I have lived without pasta, rice and potatoes. But that sugary stuff, I need my ...more

If you are NOT a mom or a wife, how do you feel you Matter?

I had an experience the other day (http://specialktreatment.blogspot.com/) that led me to consider...do single women have less awareness that they matter to other people? Is there something inherently rewarding about being a wife, a mother, that it is easier to recognize or feel connected to something sacred? something that matters? I don't think so, but I am wondering what everyone else thinks... ...more

The Special K Treatment

I am a single professional psychologist with whiplash at the end of my 20s...asking Who am I? What do I want? Where do I belong? This is a site to collect my goals, thoughts, ramblings, and experience and journey out of myself into....cyber space? Hopefully,the place of connection. ...more

Thanks for post. It’s really imformative stuff.
I ...more