Monthly Budget Complete

Just a new thoughtI made my monthly budget. I made it a little late but I got my monthly allowance a little late. I finished it today after school. I do not know how I will record when I spend money but, I will have to figure that out. I have the budget made but, I do not know how to use Microsoft Excel. This means I will have to wait until I go back to school on Monday to ask Mr. Allen to help me make a form to record my money balance in, The school can give me a binder to keep my money records in. They can also help me print them out....more

second try

Just a new thoughtI've joined two dating sites online, and I first joined thinking that this site was for asexual. I soon found out that it was not just for asexual, this site had asexual as members, but, not everyone was one. I changed my tune. Instead of being an asexual, I live an abstinent lifestyle. I said the two passions in my life were, 1- living an asexual lifestyle and two my religion....more


Just a new thoughtI think everyone is right and I am not asexual just choosing to abstain from sex for life. I am not having any luck on, granted I have not been on the sight long. Not having sex is my choice and I do not want the drama or risks that sex brings. No protection is 100 percent effective against pregnancy or STDs. Not having sex for life is the only method that is safe and will never fail. ...more

I joined a new site about asexuality. I want to try and make friends who might understand me and think similar to me. Sex is not something I “need” I do not even think it is something I want. My therapist recommended I would give wait a month or so and really put thought into claiming to be asexual. I want to be part of a group who would encourage me and I could encourage others. This might be my calling. I've had sex long enoughg for the two of us. Sex really is not that big of deal. I can be happy without sex. There are others out there in this world who do not like sex....more

Good Therapy

Just a new thoughtToday in therapy we talked about the fact that I wanted to become asexual. We talked about the reasons why. I asked her if she knew of any asexual support groups I could join to meet other asexual. She recommended that I wait for a few months and wait to see if I still like the idea of asexuality. She gave me a web site where other asexual people make plans to meet up. I would like to meet other asexual people to help me see if this is the life style I truly want....more

biggeest Move I Can Make

Just a new thoughtI want surround myself with asexual people. Sex has caused me a lot of trouble in the past. Sex has stopped me from making good relationships. I think I could happily live the rest of my life without ever having sex again. I do not think I have been abstaining from sex long enough to say no when I am tempted. I do believe the longer I abstain from sex the easier it will get. Saying no to sex is the biggest change I can make toward being a better Christian....more

social networking site

Just a new thoughtI joined a new social networking site. I joined in hopes to find other people like me. I have accepted the title as asexual. I want to make friends who are also asexual and who will accept this part of me. I want to cut sex out of my life. By doing this I hope to make better choices with my life. I hope to make better relationships. I hope to be happier. I hope to cut out a large part of the drama. Mostly I am hoping to reinvent myself into a better person....more

Sexual Orientation Change

Just a new thoughtI have changed my sexual orientation to Asexual. This is my new life label. I will tell any males I get into a relationship with that this is my sexual orientation. I want to stop the fight before it begins and let where I stand be in the open and clearly known. This may be kind of dramatic but, it is want I want and need for my life at the moment...more

Risky Choice

Just a new thought...more


Just a new thoughtBefore my wreck in 2008, my life was full. I had responsibilities, I had challenges, I had just enough rope/ freedom that I got into trouble and but I learned a lot of lessons from my young teenage years. Now, in my life, as a word of the state, my life has s progressed to almost nothing. I do not have many responsibilities, challenges, or the chance to take risk and learn from the consequences.  ...more