Three Pink Peas in a Pod


Six Years Old

So, Boots, how old are you going to be tomorrow? Six. Are you excited? ...more

Picture of a picture of a picture


Braided & Beautiful


My Sweets


Not Only Did We Cut the Credit Cards… We Sold the Car!

Last week I posted a video of me cutting up my credit cards on Facebook and the response was surprising. Hubby and I completed Dave Ramsey’s nine-week Financial Peace University program last fall and now we’re laser focused on getting out of debt. Currently, we’re on Dave’s baby step number two out of seven ....more

Trifecta V


Throwback Thursday

Last week, when it hit seventy degrees no-tackle flag football was alive and well on our street. It made me glad to be apart of a neighborhood community where the kids can play together by just opening their front door and running out to join the game. It reminded me of my neighborhood growing up ....more

Common Scenes

I’m not sure what’s more familiar for these brothers: always iphoning or Boots looking over his brother’s shoulder ....more

How to Make a Blogger Media Kit

This summer I was blessed to attend and speak at the 2013 BlogHer Conference in Chicago. I was asked to speak about how to develop a stellar, sponsor-catching media kit. After working in marketing at a leading consumer packaged good’s company for four years, and mommy blogging for five years, I wanted to share industry secrets on how to make the best media kit for your blog ....more