'Regrets I have none'

Sometimes things you have experienced in life, good or bad, comes back to you and once again you find yourself thinking a little more about these moments in life. From the first time I laid my eyes on you I felt joy of living, I saw Heaven in your eyes Though I still strongly believe it was not even giving a chance but sometimes maybe trying is not always better than not trying at all. I learned yet another valuable lesson in the journey of  life and that is not so bad  ; ) ...more

The warm and comforting hand and words of a child

I am not sure if I have written about this before but it just came back to me today  after reading my dear friend Karin's post of the recent loss of her mother. ...more

Going Green :] – Eco skin care and makeup

I have been trying so many different brands of skin care and makeup during the years to find some that really is gentle but still gives the skin what it need.  Lots of money have been spent on rather expensive product but without any positive results and sometimes even making the skin react in a negative way. ...more

[!] Be careful – Facebook

Checking my blogstatus page here at Worldpress because it is always fun to see from where my readers found their way to my blog. So under yesterdays referrer I found a link and clicking on that it took me to this page: ...more

Pentecost, National Day and Midsummer

//Mother's Day in Sweden is celebrated on the last Sunday of May. This year it will be at the same weekend as the Pentecost fall on.// May 30-31. Pentecost Holiday ...more

My Daughter : )

After my daughter finished her classes yesterday she came over to me :). I really enjoy these visits from her. Even though we do keep in contact several time a day it is nice to have her here with me in my home as well :) . ...more

☆Happy Mother's Day – May 10, 2009☆

Since today - May 10, 2009 - is the day of Mother's Day in the US/Canada. It is also celebrated in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and India each year on the second Sunday of May. I want to wish all of you moms out there a really peaceful Mother's Day. Mother's Day here in Sweden is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, which this year will take place on May 31. -Jeanette Spellbound Sky ...more

"To be your friend"

To be your friend “I wish to be your friend and maybe more if that is what you wish for. There is only one thing that I never can be and that is your enemy” /by spellbound sky/ -Jeanette Spellbound Sky ...more

After rain comes sunshine

It has been rainy weather for a couple of days now. Specially yesterday but today the sun is back, not sure how warm it will get though. On the other hand I kind of like when it rains. I do like the sunshine too : -) First sunny and warm and then some rain do speed up everything like the trees, flowers and pollen! It is nice to see the trees and grass getting greener  and flowers popping up, the sky is blue and the sun is shining so lovely. But sometimes it can take away all the brightness because of the pollen and the allergies it may cause. ...more

From Sweden with <3

My second blog entry at BlogHer : ) I just created a group named Swedes and other Scandinavians : ). It is a group open to everyone who might be interested of the everyday life in Sweden from a Swedish womans point of view. I am also hoping to find more Swedes and Scandinavians here at BlogHer as well:) I have in mind to put up topics about Swedish traditions, food, recipies and a lot more. So if you are interested, don't hesitate to join my group/forum here at BlogHer and become a part of my corner of the world :)  Take Care! -Jeanette ...more