A Visit to Blue Heron Farm, Making Delicious Goat Cheese An Hour Outside of Houston

Lisa and Christian, the owners of Blue Heron Farm, raise beautiful goats and make delicious cheese in Field Store Community, Texas. They sell their cheese at farmers markets all over the Houston area and have developed quite a following for their ultra creamy and flavorful chevre (or goat cheese). I recently took a tour of their farm. For more on this post click here....more

Did You Know There's An Actual Forest Only an Hour from Houston

Sam Houston National Forest is really a little over an hour from Houston. Entry, parking and hiking are all free. It's a beautiful place that is covered with pine trees. Ten feet into the hiking trail you'll feel as if civilization is a million miles away. There are many types of hikes available. My husband and I took our three year old son for an easy, fairly flat hike. We had to cross a wooden, tilted bridge which he loved....more

Is Nic's Story About the TSA True? Does It Matter?

The story of Nicole White, a woman who blogged that her 18 month year old son was taken out of her sight to be patted down by a TSA agent after they set off the airport metal detector, has been traveling around the internet (http://www.mybottlesup.com/tsa-agents-took-my-son/). The TSA refutes her claims and has posted a video that shows she and her son were never separated (http://www.tsa.gov/blog/2009/10/response-to-tsa-agents-took-my-son.html). Nic claims the video has been altered or has parts missing. Those who believe the TSA, are angry that Nic lied in her blog....more