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Anal Sex Article HubAugust 26, 2015 by Kara Spitzkeit (Edit)Butts. No matter who you are or what you’re into, everybody’s got one....more

Best Water-Based Lubes

Best Water-Based Lubesposted in Kara Spitzkeit's Article Archives, Lubricant Buying Guides by ...more

How-To: Safer Sex in the Shower (or Underwater)

How-To: Safer Sex in the Shower (or Underwater)August 17, 2015 Buying Guides, Condom How-To,&nbs...more

Lube Review: K-Y Warming Liquid

Lube Review: K-Y Warming Jelly

Are you a lube connoisseur who runs cold, has no problem with candida, and you’re looking hottest ticket around? Turn up the thermostat to soaring temperatures by steeping in this hot-as-the-Serengeti and sugary-as-soda K-Y Warming Jelly lubricant! ...more

How-To: Sensory Deprivation Play

Why deprive the senses during sexy times? Well, when one or more senses are unable to perform their designated function(s), the ones left active are greatly enhanced. This leaves the person experiencing sensory deprivation play attuned to new, exciting and unique sensations....more

Lube Review: WET Silk

Without a high-quality, hybrid lube on hand, do you dry up like a plum under a heat lamp during hot dates? Don’t reluctantly morph into a prude just ‘cause you’re a little pruney in places. Follow my lead and hella-hydrate with the newest and most luxurious hybrid lube on the market, WET Silk!...more

Best Flavored Lubes

Wondering which flavored lubes are the best? ...more

Citizens ‘Caine: The Truth about Delay Creams

Benzocaine and lidocaine are both topical anesthetics used by dentists (just like dental dams!) to numb the mouth during procedures. But they also have found a place in the sex industry as a way to numb certain parts of the body. But are they safe to use? Come on in and read The Spicy Gear Blog’s take on it....more

Reduction Methods for Yeast-Prone People

Guys, fungus just ain’t any fun for anyone. And yes, yeast is highly contagious (even if you have a penis)....more