Most of us don't need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with. - Robert Brault

I had lunch with an old friend yesterday. It was just 30 minutes at ChickFilA but I was so nervous. I am ashamed to say that I even almost cancelled. I kept thinking things like: Should I have worn less make up? She hasn't seen me in a while, I don't want to look trampy. What should I talk about? I need to think of things to ask so I don't run my mouth about myself the whole time. Should I get the chicken sandwich or a salad? I don't want to act obsessed about my weight even though I am. Stupid, stupid, stupid, right?...more

So boiling mad at my cable company

When our TV is on these days, it is either set to PBS or one of the music channels. I used to be able to just scroll backwards from channel 2 PBS directly into the music channels. Recently though my cable company, Charter Communications, changed their layout. Now when I scroll back wards from 2, I have to go through 14 Pay Per View movies available, 9 of which are porno movies....more

you could also turn on your Parental Control options which allow you to block Titles from ...more