Really missing the farmers market

I suddenly came to the realization that eating organic, market-fresh, good for me fruits and vegetables was going to be nearly impossible here in GiTMO and I am disappointed because this is, after all, a tropical island...more

Staying in the now

Trying to be vegetarian


Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


"This is it."

"Blue Heron Taking in the Sun" by Teresa Cornelio (c) 2009&n...more

Almost Autumn


When it rains....Exercise!

I was watching an episode of Army Wives in which Joan (a high ranking officer) is being deployed to Iraq and the day she leaves her daughter gets sick and daddy (Army husband) has to take her to the hospital in a hurry with 105 degree temperature.  What the heck!!??  She later calls to see how things are and he lies and tells her everything is great, baby is keeping me busy, we miss you, don't worry about us...etc.  Well, that's not all that uncommon.  It really is pointless to complain to them about our problems at home when they have much more to worry about and there'...more

The power of a positive attitude

You ever find yourself surrounded by negative people? At work.   At the grocery store.   At the gym.   Sometimes, even at home.   Yes.  We all face them and sometimes we just follow suit and fall into that negative rut that plagues so many.     ...more

Is it stress or something else?