Seven Weeks and Counting

As of this morning I have six weeks and six days before I board a plane to London and begin my journey around the world....more

The Process Begins

In yesterday's more than slightly angsty post I talked a lot about the uncertainty of my future plans....more

The next moment of today...

The last time I shared a post on this blog was June 9th....more

The Elusive Conscious/Evolved Man (or why you fail at love!)

Today I came across this gem of an article, How to Attract a Conscious/Evolved Man, on

A list...

I am sitting at the computer staring at a blank screen without any real idea of what I want to write about but with a deep need to express myself....more

Where have I been?

The last post to this page was well over a month two months ago. ...more

Panicking out of time...

Trigger Warning:...more

Beauty Inside and Out

“It would be good if we could make efforts to free ourselves — to sometimes try to see beauty in people, to give them a chance, or let it be an acquired taste,” she says. “Our society often talks about inner beauty; that that’s what counts. But we fail.” - Amanda Filipacchi Today's post is inspired by a PRI interview with Amanda Filipacchi from late last week;...more

Storms of all kinds...

If you live anywhere in New England then at some point in the past few days you've probably had a conversation about snow. You ...more


I am very pleased to announce that I will be participating in the #Womenslives initiative....more