I am having an evening of frustration....more

Stepping Out of My Life

Traveling... I have not updated my blog as often as I'd hoped I would on this journey....more

The Panama Canal

I was just informed that you can watch the World Odyssey go through the Panama Canal on December 2nd....more

Being far away...

There have been stories on the ship of students receiving notice that family pets have died....more

Some good news?

I have six more days before I am on land and have access to a wider range of news sites....more

Tycho Brahe

There was a man who went to the king and said he wanted to find the meaning of the universe....more

Semester at Sea Update - Brazil

Hello everyone, My apologies for not sending an update sooner. Internet access has not been as good as I had hoped....more

Atlantic Crossing - Day 7

The photo of the totally creepy painting which hangs in the entrance to the Kino Cinema on the ship, has nothing at all to do with this blog post....more

Atlantic Crossing - Day 6

Tonight they dimmed the lights on Deck 9 and many of us gathered towards the bow...more

Atlantic Crossing - Day 5

I had plans for an informative blog post about the birds I saw today, how well my belly dance class went and how...more