Where have I been?

The last post to this page was well over a month two months ago. ...more

Panicking out of time...

Trigger Warning:...more

Beauty Inside and Out

“It would be good if we could make efforts to free ourselves — to sometimes try to see beauty in people, to give them a chance, or let it be an acquired taste,” she says. “Our society often talks about inner beauty; that that’s what counts. But we fail.” - Amanda Filipacchi Today's post is inspired by a PRI interview with Amanda Filipacchi from late last week;...more

Storms of all kinds...

If you live anywhere in New England then at some point in the past few days you've probably had a conversation about snow. You ...more


I am very pleased to announce that I will be participating in the #Womenslives initiative....more

Day 31: The Mission Statement

The Mission Statement:...more

Day 30: What makes you life really worth living?

The Mission Statement:...more

Day 29: How do you define success in your life?

The Mission Statement:...more

Day 28: What are your deepest values?

The Mission Statement:...more

Day 27; Who or what matters most to you?

The Mission Statement:...more