Oh won't you please, please, please like me????

People like me... I have a morning routine....more

Slow and steady...

Preparing for the semester... Tomorrow morning at 8:45AM the new semester begins....more


Incubating... I blog a lot about my struggles with insecurity and anxiety....more

Happy New Year! (almost)

There is for sure gonna be more music in 2016!!!!!!! New Years Eve is one of my favorite holidays....more

Post SAS Reflection III: The Processing...

Not the same woman... In the week that I have been home there are two things nearly everyone has asked, the first, "How does it feel to be home?"Which...more

Post SAS Reflection II: Just Being

Learning to be... When the...more

Post SAS Reflection I: Home Again

Sunset at Civitavecchia - 2015 On December 22nd I returned home to Maine....more

Day 10: A Rant

It may be due to my not feeling well and spending most of my day in bed yesterday but today I am feeling totally uninspired as far as writing a blog post....more

Day 9: Ugh

I did not feel well at all today and spent most of my day resting in bed....more

Day 8: 8 of Disks - Skillfull Perseverance