sleeping like a baby | 50+ uncensored sleep stories

Sleeping like a baby | Uncensored sleep stories What is our obsession with getting our children to sleep all night (besides sleep for ourselves of course)? Pressure from others, perhaps? Usually one of the first questions people asks a new mother is “how is baby sleeping?” It is the one thing we feel the most pressure to get "right". This results in inaccurate and unhealthy expectations and promotes dangerous practices....more

peace. love & breastfeeding | it isn't just for hippies

Saying breastfeeding has an anti-feminism slant baffles me.  One time a “doctor” told me, “There is too much pressure on women today to breastfeed.”  He continued on by telling me, “Letting him breastfeed too long teaches him to take advantage of women.” I was shocked and appalled by his arrogance and ignorance but continued the discussion and asked if he was aware the World Health Orginzation recommends breastfeeding beyond 2 years.  He asked me if I was there for his opinion or my own.  I stared at him as he stood there arrogantly in his scrubs and Marc Echo shoes.&n...more

better than "just fine"

better than just fine ...more

no cry naps 4-6 month

well, my floors are clean | creative no cry sleep solution A “shhh” is very powerful with a baby.  Shhhhing initiates a reflex in babies that causes them to relax.  One day when Levi was about 3 weeks old, he was hungry and a little angry about it.  So, it takes calming him down first to get him to eat.  I was shhhing and eventually got light headed.  Then my husband shhhed very loudly and Levi instantly relaxed and ate.  This happened a few tim...more

milk, boobs & babies

Despite what some say about a C-section, I was able to hold him and feed him immediately after he was cut out of me.  He latched right on and we had no problems of any kind.  As time went on, we have faced and overcome many adversities.   Things were pretty smooth sailing for the first two months. ...more

sometimes breastfeeding bites

The first time Levi bit me was during my initial milk supply drop about two months ago.  After drinking some raw milk the five days of uncontrollable vomiting that followed threw everything out of whack.  It was on my left breast and it happened right as he latched on, it hurt but I had read it could “damage” the breastfeeding relationship to scream (looking back it was bad advise and I scream now), so I gritted my teeth.  He broke the skin.  It took about 3 days of delaying feeding on that side as long as possible and going shirtless, but it eventually healed....more


‎"Real empathy means seeing and feeling the world from a child's point of view. This hinges on our ability to recollect how we ourselves once felt as children. It is when we have lost our connection to our own childhood feelings that we risk passing our hurts on to our children." ~ Robin Grille ...more

Infants are Intense

Infancy is intense.  Not to brag, but we rocked the newborn stage.  Well, Levi rocked it.  He slept for four hours at a time for the first two months.  He weighed less than 10 lbs and I could hold him so easily in my arms.  Now, at nearly 4 months we are weighing in at about 16.5 lbs and 27 inches long.  Unbelievable....more