How To Figure Out What Is Toxic in Your Life

My thoughts these days are all about hunkering down under feather comforters, baking root vegetables, lighting candles on chilly, dark evenings, and curling up with people I love. I think about a mama bear as she prepares for the long, dark, sleepy winter -- how does she pick a safe cave? What does she take in with her?...more

Choosing Happiness in Your Life


Is Your Fear Holding You Back?

3 Steps to Turn Your Mess into Success

As someone who has been a self-declared "complete mess" at more than one time in my life, I'm really LOVING the game of House of Cards I'm playing with my life right now.Ever built a house of cards? It was one of those things I've always thought a slightly pointless endeavor -- it's only recently that I've begun to appreciate the focus, intention and sheer ART of the practice.Here's how my life is like a house of cards right now:...more

Celebrating The New Moon in Libra

Why do I celebrate the new moon each month? The new moon is a time to focus on what we want to create, manifest, and dedicate our energy on in the coming weeks. It's also a time to gather in a supportive community to see each other and be seen in a way that we rarely get to experience. The new moon is a time to create a space for yourself to breathe, to look honestly at your goals and dreams, and to examine the blocks that stand in your way.  ...more

3 Tips to Change How You Show Up in Your Life

Have you ever found yourself in a situation and later thought, "Gosh, I wish I had handled that a little differently?" Have you ever looked at others and been a little envious or jealous of (or even annoyed by) their behavior-- because it secretly made you feel badly about how YOU behave from time to time?...more