Mental Health and our Psychic Self

A decade ago today, I was struggling to recover from debilitating clinical depression.  Our society has come a long way in bringing the conversatuons out in to open to help more women and their families.    Today is National Depression Screening Day.  I posted some details on my experience as a healer and healthcare professional as to connection between depression and other mental wellness issues are related to psychic attack.  Please stop by to add a comment when you get a chance.   MiChelle Jeneen  ...more

Meeting Me Where I Am: A Month-long Journey

Anyone else feeling the call to take a leap, head-first into this personal shift arena?  I sure a very big way.  And true to form, I have no idea where it will take me, but I'm committed to beginning exactly where I am today, in the here and now. As a "seeker," I've been on this path of reclaiming my personal power in its entirity, for a long time.  Some periods have been extremely intense, and I often wondered if I would survive it, and for that matter, if I even wanted to.  And without fail, on the other side of every experience, I've been met with...more