The Art of Conversation - don't let it die in your family

 The Art of Conversation?  ConversationalizeBC - (Before Children) and when I still wore suits and went to offices I attended a series of workshops with an excellent trainer called Joseph Riggio. We were learning how to be our best selves and also how to track those signals in the system, or attributes of a person, in others.The first part of every exercise was 'Conversationalize'....more

Why are Halloween costumes for girls/women so 'stripper like? Me no likey and neither did my girls

Halloween and overly sexualized costumesLast Year my youngest daughter was a zombie.This year she found a great 'underwater' looking long dress and painted her face herself to be a 'water nymph'.  (Age 10).She had a blast.My older daughter physically shuddered at some of the costumes in the stores this year (She's 11).Mom - am I seriously supposed to wear that??...more

How Moms Can Change the World - a different perspective from the Akashic Records (our book of life)

I'm a Mom and a Blogger - what do the Akashic Records have to do with me?Good question...why is an alternative spiritual blog post like this appearing in Blogher, of all places?...more

My firsthand experience of family connection through the veil when my mum got sick

It's been a long time since I blogged on Blogher.Started on here when I was very new to blogging and learning the ropes.  Still learning the ropes three years later - aren't we all...and building an online business as I hoped!My mum's passing was the main reason for starting a blog - we all have our reasons.My mum had a minor illness which was made worse by having an (unnecessary) H1N1 vaccination in 2010....more

Dr Oz takes a look at homeopathy … and his wife uses homeopathic remedies with their children!

Dr Oz Features homeopathy on his show this week! Here’s a link to a video of Dr Oz discussing homeopathy with Dr Russ Greenfield MD.  It’s a great day for homeopathy in the USA today!  Dr Oz says on the video that “My wife uses homeopathic remedies with my kids before she’ll even tell me they have an issue, that’s how much she trusts it.” They discuss the use of Arnica...more

Oh No! Not more GMOs! Do you realize that alfalfa is next?

Why members of the public are rallying over GMOs and labeling of our foods Just this weekend all over the USA, GMO rallies were organized to spread awareness of about how genetically modified foods can adversely affect our planet and our food supplies.  Rallies were organized in many US States and directly outside the White House in Washington DC.  The demands are simple:- We have the right to know and want Genetically Modified food labeled. ...more

Support local natural foods markets – mine is GreenAcres Market, Wichita, KS

Natural foods markets – helpful in a number of ways I headed into my local natural food market today for a number of reasons.  I wanted something different for lunch, I needed a couple of homeopathic remedies in a hurry, and I needed deodorant (I prefer the chemical free kind).  My local natural food market is GreenAcres Market in Bradley Fair, Wichita, KS.  Find GreenAcres Market on Facebook, too, at ...more

The H1N1 vaccine, angiodysplasia, shingles and moms/mums of all ages

The H1N1 Vaccine is the inspiration for this blog believe it or not I found some more recent research about the H1N1 vaccine last week which I think is worth a read and I’ll include in another blog post, and it made me think about sharing my family’s personal H1N1 story also.  It’s all food for thought. My mother Margaret was not in the best of health last year, she was 82 and working through something called angiodysplasia of the colon, which is a condition where the colon wall becomes thin and lesions occur, resulti...more

Five good reasons why you should take homeopathy seriously

Homeopathy – it’s here, it heals and helps and it’s not just a ‘placebo’ or an alternative to ‘try’ Homeopathy heals and helps us.  It’s official, it’s scientific and it’s here to stay, if those of us who use it, rely on it and find relief from illness by applying homeopathy have anything to do with it.  If you care about your health at all, it’s time you had something to do with it too.  Here’s some more thought-changing information and facts to help you on the road to bringing homeopathy in your life, mentioning your successes to your doctor or care...more

High Fructose Corn Syrup – not such a sweet alternative

Have you seen the ads reassuring us that High Fructose Corn Syrup is a good thing? I had noticed these ads being shown later last year and early this year, saying that High Fructose Corn Syrup is ‘just like sugar’ and ‘one less thing to worry about’.  And I thought to myself…hmnnnn…. This might make you think differently Came across a great link on that made me think differently.  Here’s ...more

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More research to do on leptin ...more