Tinka is our neighbor’s dog.And I kind of hate her.Which, isn’t really fair — because she’s a sweet dog.I guess I sort of hate our neighbors.Their backyard isn’t completely fenced — they have a pool like we do, and that area is fenced, but that’s it.  The rest is open to the woods behind our houses. So when Tinka is outside (for hours), they keep her clipped to some sort of line, so she can run around.The problem?This dog is some sort of escaping genius. She’s like Houdini....more

Crock-Pot Fiesta Chicken

I just spent the better part of two-ish hours cleaning and reorganizing our kitchen.I have way too much tupperware.Since we’re heading out to Kansas on Tuesday, I’m trying to use up as much in the fridge as possible — and I foolishly bought a pack of peppers from Costco, and then never opened them. So, we’re going Mexican for dinner tonight…What you’ll need:...more

It’s a … gourd?

Someone left this little guy on our doorstep last night:Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to leave this morning, and there was a gourd-baby staring up at me....more
Gordon looks like a lovely addition to your family! I bet he will be a hoot at all of the ...more