Hoping for a soaring weekend "Its Eagle Days'

Ok this week isn’t much better; the weather stinks outside, its cold and who want to get out going eat.  Went In Monday got the hot beef plate special ready for lunch and just as things started to get rolling the plumbing backed up and I had to shut down get someone in there to help get the mess cleaned up and the landlord had to get someone into work on the plumbing in the whole building, Still not sure what caused it but it cost me the whole day of income....more

Bad weather is bad for buiness

It’s been a long week the winter weather finally hit us.  Business has been slow especially in the evening and I can’t say I would want to get out either.  I hate the cold weather and snow and ice on top of it I want to stay home also. ...more

2011 week one down

Its been a long first week, I was out sick, was told to stay home from the restaurant by the doctor.  My employees all tried to step up to the plate but you know how that goes for some when the cats away the mice will play.  I should point one person to be in charge and only one and tell the rest not to call me.  I am hoping for a better years, I first have to get myself bailed out of bad choices made the past year.  Taxes, management, cheange of menu, hours etc.  Its hard making it as a small business with no working capitol, just what you bring in.  I have op...more

The start of a new month, better things to come.

Ok it’s the first of the month, and another day of 100 degree weather that keeps people from getting out and eating out at the restaurants.  Today I had a couple of orders to fill for coconut pies and had to get the daily special ready, meatloaf and twice baked potato casserole with slaw and homemade bread.  It’s really just raised and bake bread but I brush it will melted butter while raising and sometimes put a topping on it.  Taste great, I hit it will butter as soon as it comes out of the over just to give it that extra butter flavor and a nice buttery looking crust. ...more

The Business of Running a Restaurant how did "rest " come into the name

Well it’s the end of the month going to add up all my income and expenses tonight and see where we are at the end of the month I have thought was one of our slowest yet.  Looking at the numbers last month I am worried.  I have cut cost every way possible as far as staffing goes, I work a lot of extra time myself.  I’m going to start the next month off with a bright outlook and working on a new menu for fall.  I am about ready to start the three soups a day and a lot of pumpkin and apple desserts just to get everyone in the mood for fall.  After I fin...more

Snack mix for young and young at heart

I’m home tonight from the restaurant for a rest, hoping to have a busy weekend.  I was sitting here wondering why I am so broke right now but it was time to renew my liquor license and pay the dram shop insurance and quarter taxes.  All things that are needed to stay open but not fun to shuck out the money to pay.  I had someone talk to me about closing and being the dietary manager at a local nursing home, but I hate to give up the fight for my dream.  They say it take three to five years to show profit, I am not in debt for my business just running day to day. ...more

Refreshing Tropical Cake

Times are a bit tough at the restaurant right now, I am not sure why but I drive around and the other places are slow as well.  School started, taxes are due, fairs are going on I am not sure what is going on.  Are lunches are busy but the evenings are killing me.  I wish I could just cook and not have to worry about everything else.  Today the weather was warm out so I was thinking of something tropical.  I had a white cake mix, cool whip, pineapple and mandarin oranges, I thought what sounds good.  I love pina colida so I came up with a cake that some...more

Monte Crisco Monday

When you own your own restaurant, is there a day off, its Sunday and I headed over to the restaurant a bit later than normal but still I needed to go.  There are things that you can only get done when the place is closed, the bathroom floors, entry ways, clean the coolers, clean the prep tables, scrub the garbage cans, not all fun and games.  Now I am down at the computer doing the paper work that got away from me this week, Data entry.  While cleaning the cooler I did something thinking about Mondays special-how do Monte criscos sound I thought so when my kids came o...more

Super easy Chcocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake

It’s been a long time since I have been on here and I have missed sharing with everyone.  I got caught up with the hard times in my community and with my restaurant.  With the economy being so bad in our area and factories be closed or on strike it has been hard on my business.  Now I find out the mall I am renting form is getting foreclosed on and we are not sure what is going to happen with our leases.  I still get up every day and try to do anything I can to drum up business, with the weather cooling off now I see an increase in business and hope it keeps goin...more

Cake Pop Balls on a Stick

Its been a while I have been so busy at the Bistro, weddings, showers, and graduations have been busting at the seems.  I have been trying to lighten things up for summer.  Been making alot of salads with strawberries, apples and dried crandberries.  if you have any good recipes send them my way.  For one of the showers I did they had mini homemade tacos, dips, white chocolate dipped stawberries and I made cake pops.  You can make them with any cake flavor and frosting of your choice.  Decorating is a great options as well give them a try. Cake ...more