It shouldn't but it does hurt my feelings...

My husband father and stepmom had been married for over 40 years when he died suddenly 2 days before Christmas.  This was over 3 yrs ago now.  His stepmom has been part of his life for so long it's hard from him to remember her not being there,  we love her and the 2 stepbrothers like we do our own parents and brothers.  We still include them in all family parties and celebrations.  To us, nothing has changed.  But.......more

I needed motivation and I found it!

I've been searching for motivation to get moving again.  After my last 1/2 marathon, I just haven't been able to find a reason to get moving.  It's been 3 months!  I really needed to get off the couch and do something more then walking to and from my twice weekly excerise class....more

We've done a lot this morning and it's only 8:30! Welcome to my world, honey!

This is what my 29 yr old niece says to me on our way to meet the grandparents for breakfast yesterday morning.  She  is up from southern California to visit us, her cousins and grandparents.The night before we had the family over to visit with her and celebrate the girl child's 31st birthday.  It was the usual loud, rowdy gathering.  With 5 grandchildren, it can get that way!  There was swimming, dinner, brownies and ice cream.  Like I said, the usual family gathering.  The problem started the next 5am....more