Losing My Breast Friend

 was dressing the other morning when Sprite walked into my bedroom. She caught me with my shirt off and just stopped and stared, like she had never seen breasts before. We've only stopped nursing 3 months ago. Has she forgotten that quickly? I had nursed her to 13 months, our routine was down-pat. As soon as I had her in the familiar position, her head would turn toward my chest, ready to start nursing. I had used nursing to keep her alive in the early months, to calm her down after her vaccines, to soothe her when she was frightened or sick. ...more

Life in the Spin Cycle

John has been dealing with a persistent sore throat and I finally coaxed him into going to the doctor yesterday after work, so it was me and the kid on our own for the evening. After dinner, we ambled into her room where she proceeded to destroy the precious balance of cleanliness and clutter to create a plastic monsoon. (Those poor Weebles never knew what hit them.) ...more

I Know You're There

I know you're there. I pass you every morning as I get ready for work. You sit silently in the corner, waiting to be noticed. You have a luminescence that I haven't seen in a long time. I had almost forgotten what you looked like. I sense you more strongly now. You think I don't see you, but I know you're there. ...more

Can snark be inherited?

There's a quilt that hangs on the wall behind my 16 month old's crib. My mom made it for her and had the guests at my baby shower sign little messages and greetings to her which were very special. Sprite has been looking at that quilt since her eyes could focus. If there was anything in her room I would rescue in a fire (Sprite already being out of the house of course), I would make a bee line for that quilt. ...more