SMxMB Gemstone Bibs are here!

Well HEY there giiiiiirl (and the odd guy, yep I love ya too). So remember how last post I was all “busy! life! ...more

September Mayhem

Perfectly Roasted Brussels Sprouts Remember how I said I was going to post three days a week and be totally consistent and totally awesome? Well that flopped. There’s a couple things going on here guys ....more

Squirrelly Babe is One

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner. I don’t even know where to begin. One year ago today our lives changed forever and for the better ....more

DIY Piñata Rocking Horse

Story time! Once upon a time (5 years ago) we found a discarded rocking horse on the side of the road. It was scrubby, but solid wood and solid construction, so we picked it up for our future children ....more

Squirrelly Minds turns 5 Giveaway!

What? WHAT!? Yessss! ...more

Friday Fun – Yo hit me up!

Something special this way comes. August 30th is an important date around these parts, so a heads up that I won’t be posting on Monday, but you’ll find me here on Tuesday the 30th instead – a day full of excitement! Until then, do yourself a favour and check out these 4 amazing ladies (they’re part of the excitement!): Delineate Your Dwelling, Brepurposed, Good in Store, Lemon Thistle ....more

DIY | Cactus Props

WHAT!? It’s less than 3 weeks until Squirrelly Babe turns 1, and just over 2 weeks until his taco party bash! Excuse me while I go clutch my sides and cry by myself in a corner… ....more

DIY | 9 Crazy Fun Back to School DIY’s

Lovely Indeed Desk Organizer | Enthralling Gumption Gold Foil Pens | Lines Across Secret Message Lunch Notes Pretty Life Girls Abstract Zipper Pouches| Studio DIY Graphic Laundry Baskets | The Decorated Cookie Notebook Cookies Francois et Moi House Shaped Clipboards | Lovely Indeed Gold Foil Notebooks | Dream Green DIY Iron on Pencil Case So some of you or your littles are already back to school, whereas others like me are watching the last of our summer days flit by one by one, all too fast. Sigh. But at least you can go back to school in style ....more

Friday Fun – 4 years of marriage!

Photo by Ameris Time is funny. In some ways it feels like the mister has forever been in my life and that our wedding was EONS ago, yet at the same time it feels just like yesterday, 4 years ago yesterday that is. Yep, yesterday we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary! ...more

DIY | Painted Marble Effect

So let’s talk marble. It’s awesome right? I mean, there’s just instant class and style when marble is involved ....more