Nutella Mousse in Chocolate Cups ~ Nutella Recipes

For the final day of BM#55, under Nutella Dishes, I decided to make chocolate cups filled with Nutella Mousse. Other than the work involved in making these mini versions, this recipe is such a winner....more

No Bake Chocolate Cake ~ No Bake Desserts

For the final day of No Bake Chocolate Dishes, yes I know the theme is supposed to be No Bake Desserts, I ended up cooking only with chocolates, else I won't be finding customers to eat all that I make. With the adventure I have had over the last few days, making all the No Bake dishes and Nutella dishes, you can imagine how excited my kids will be. This No Bake Chocolate Cake was inspired by this and I couldn't wait to make it ....more

No Bake Chocolate Lasagna ~ No Bake Dishes

For the second day of No Bake Dishes, I made a Chocolate Lasagna. The recipe was pretty long, however...more

Nutella Chocolate Milkshake ~ Nutella Recipes

For the second day of cooking with Nutella, I decided to make a very simple milkshake. From the moment my kids saw me making it, until it was served, I was followed and threatened to drink it before it could even get chilled. At one point, they even said they won't mind drinking it hot!Since I was cooking all at one shot, I had to make sure I phased the desserts over for all meals ....more

No Bake Chocolate Oreo Tart ~ No Bake Desserts

We are starting the August edition of BM and the week 1 is going to be No Bake Desserts. I didn't realize that I ended up picking up two dessert themes, I am doing Nutella Dishes in Spice your Life! And no Bake dessert here and naturally that also means I end up making something with chocolate only ....more

Nutella Banana Crepes | Eggless Pancake with Nutella ~ Nutella Recipes

We are starting another edition with BM#55 for August! Half year just flew and I guess for some of us, atleast BM group, time flies, just discussing the themes and how we go about cooking and managing the months....more

Beerakaya Thokku Annam | Ridgegourd Peel Mixed Rice

I am getting back to Cooking with Cookbook Challenge after couple of weeks. Even with all plannings, we sometime face unexpected things and you are left with no choice but to stop doing something. I faced such a situation and even though I wanted to be prepared, I couldn't do it ....more

Microwave Potato Au Gratin | How to make Potato Au Gratin in Microwave

After the Chocolate Cake that can be made in a microwave, I have a simple and quick au gratin made with Potato. While the chocolate cake seem quite lengthy and you might argue that a college kid may not be able to handle so many ingredients, I do agree. I simply thought about the MW part and didn't check out the ingredient list to be so long ....more

Tadka Dal | Dhaba Style Mix Dal Fry

For the second day of cooking Lentil in 3 different way, I have yet another Tadka dal. I know you must be wondering after having posted so many different dals, what more can I possible have! Even I thought so and was surprised that combining different dals, can get you such differently tasting and so delicious dals.Infact I had tough time deciding on what lentil recipe I could post ....more

Bikaneri Paratha | Dal Stuffed Bikaneri Paratha

We are starting the third week of BM#54. I will be cooking lentils in three different ways. Lentils provide all the protein to a vegetarian and one has to include all different dals in a meal, if one has to get the required protein intake ....more