Strawberry Shrikhand | How to make Strawberry Shrikhand ~ 3 Ingredient Recipe

Well yes you read it right. My clueless brain finally decided a shrikhand with strawberry was going to be the next 3 ingredient recipe, especially a dessert! Ever since I have tasted a shrikhand, I have been in love with it ....more

Cauliflower Curry ~ Side Dish for Roti | Lunch Box Series : LBS#79

For the final day under Bookmarked Recipes, I have a simple Cauliflower subzi. I love cauliflower, atleast to look at and enjoy how pretty it looks. Well true, most times when it is in season, that's what I seem to do ....more

Dark Chocolate Coconut Milk Popsicle ~ 2 Ingredient Recipe

For the second day of doing Beat the heat theme, I wanted to make something with Chocolate. I was out with ideas, wondering what to do. Then while checking out some interesting breads at Priya Srinivasan's space, I happen to see this Chocolate Coconut Popsicle, I decided I must make it and check out if my boys will like it or not ....more

Tomato Biryani | How to make Thakkali Biryani

For the second day under Bookmarked recipes, I decided to make the Tomato Biryani when Padma had made it couple of months ago. I was so taken in by the way it looked and I had to make it.While Tomato Pulao that Amma makes, is an absolute winner, I thought I could try a more spicy version and see how my family likes. Everybody loved it when I had made and apart from the Chettinad Vegetable Biyani, this comes second in oft request biryanis in recent times ....more

Eggless Strawberry Icecream | How to make Strawberry Ice Cream ~ 3 Ingredient Recipe

We are starting the final week of the BM#50, this week I will be doing Kid's Delight - Beat the Heat theme. Ever since I selected to make this theme, I have been wondering what I should make for this theme. While one would think its pretty easy to select this, I was clear that I wanted to make something cool and nice to really beat the heat ....more

Chicken Biryani in Pressure Cooker | How to make Chicken Briyani in Pressure Cooker

For the final week of BM#50, I decided to take up Bookmarked Recipes. Today's special is a Chicken Biryani that was our weekend special. We had this served with Chicken Pulusu ....more

Baingan Pakora Recipe | How to make Brinjal Bajjis / Pakoras

For the final day of Pick one, cook 3 or Cook 1 for each day, the final day list was a List of Fried Dough Food. Now the entire list looked so appealing. Well since I wanted to make one from each list, I had to select only one and I decided to pick up my favorite from our Indian cuisine.Today's post features a pakora or as I call it a Baingan Bajjis ....more

Bread Pakoda | How to make Bread Pakora with Bread Crust

We are on the final day of BM# 50 third week. I have been cooking with "One Ingredient, different dishes" As I said I had selected Bread because of the Bread Gulab Jamun that was prepared during my office cultural activity. So the other innovative dish, or rather the presence of mind my office cook showed, was making use of the leftover trims or the brown crusts they trimmed out of the bread ....more

Aloo Pie | How to make Trinidad Aloo Pie

For the second day of Pick one do 3 or Pick 1 from each, I have opted to pick one dish from each of the three lists I had given. Today it is going to be List of Potato Dishes. Now I am sure we already have so many potato dishes to talk about and so I had a tough time seeing which one I could make and enjoy ....more

Bread Bhatura | How to make Bread Bhatoora

For the second day under BM#50, doing "One Ingredient, different dishes", my chosen one is Bread. Since two of the dishes were already decided, I was thinking how else to incorporate bread in a dish. I have made a Bread pudding, Bread halwa, Bread Bajjis, and what not ....more