Brown Rice Dosa ~ Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Brown Rice Dosa is one of the healthy options that seem to have caught on the fancy in recent times. Be it replacing the regular rice with Brown Rice, or finding other healthy options, the brown rice has become the ingredient to select. Our breakfasts are mostly Dosas or Idlis, so it is important to find a good substitute for the main ingredient ....more

Stuffed Achari Paneer Paratha

Stuffed Achari Paneer Paratha is the latest addition to my list of stuffed parathas that I pack for Konda. I mostly make Aloo Paratha for lunch at least once a week. However, to give a change I decided to make Paneer and to make it spicy I used Achar Masala mixed with paneer ....more

Poori Recipe | Step by Step Pictures for Puri Recipe

Poori or Puri is an Indian Bread made with Whole Wheat flour. It is one of the most sought out dish served mostly for breakfast but can be served for any meal. There are so many side dishes that can be serve along with Puris ....more

Kanchipuram Idli Recipe 2 | How to make Kanchipuram Idli

Kanchipuram Idlis are one of those spicy, delicious Idlis that are different from the regular ones you make. These Idlis are supposed to have been made in the Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram. While we do not know if it is indeed prepared like this, there are many recipes floating around, claiming to be the recipe used by the cooks in the temple ....more

Golpapdi Recipe | How to make Gujarati Gol Papdi

For the third day of Indian Sweets, I made Golpapdi, the famous Gujarati Sweets. I have this bookmarked for a long time and have been wanting to make it ever since I had made the Gujarati Thali. Even though the recipe was so simple and quick to make, I somehow couldn’t make it ....more

Mixed Fruits Rava Kesari

Happy Dussehra to all my readers! Celebrate the day with this delicous Mixed Fruit Rava Kesari. Today is special for us in another way as well, as its our boys Tenth Birthday ....more

Quick Gajar Halwa | How to quickly make Carrot Halwa in Pressure Cooker

Welcome to my new space! Yes after many years of procrastinating, I have finally moved to my own space. It took many months of struggle to get the migration done as I was dealing with 9 years of data and I had to move through different plans to accommodate the huge content ....more

Cooking Carnival Recap ~ Mega Marathon BM#68

We are at yet another wonderful round up of a Mega Marathon, themed on Cooking Carnival. I had picked up to do One Ingredient, different themes for 5 weeks. My chosen ingredient was Potato ....more

Potato Apple Bread | Apple stuffed Flatbread from Ireland

We are finally on the last day of the series and I simply can't believe that I have reached this day. When I started I was still very skeptical if I will ever complete the series or not. This was the first time I have ever started without anything being done except the list, that was ready a long time ago ....more