Masala Stuffed Urad Paniyaram | Masala Ponganalu

I am back to Cooking from Cookbook challenge after a month's gap. Though I had recipes to share, didn't realize how the days flew. We were cooking from the books, Amma was sharing the recipes she saw on the TV ....more

Spicy Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon | Cinnamon Chili Hot Chocolate

For the final day of Making drinks with one ingredient, I had opted for Chocolate. So after seeing how to make Hot Chocolate and Hot chocolate with Orange, this was one daring attempt. Infact if Konda didn't encourage me to make it, I would defenietely not even thought about it....more

Taro Chips | Seppankizhangu Chips

For the final day of cooking Root Vegetables, I decided to make my most favorite one of all, the Taro Chips. If one is to ask me what I love the most, I would anytime say its Seppankizhagu Varugal with Sambar. It was my growing up food combo and it has stayed the same, though I hardly ever get to make this combo these days ....more

Hot Chocolate Drink with Orange

The second drink that really had me was this orange chocolate drink I happened in read about. I am not a person who experiments with drinks, infact I am so fussy that I never change my standard drink. So when I read about this Orange Hot chocolate, I thought I should atleast try it for KOnda ....more

Baked Sweet Potato Wedges | Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges

For the second day of cooking with Root Vegetable, its another baked dish. Sweet Potatoes are something I love eating just boiled and as a kid, mixed with loads of sugar.Now I have passed the stage of wanting to eat this with sugar and can just enjoy the boiled vegetable as such. Recently while shopping, Hubby dear saw these and reminded me that its been a long time since we had this and we picked up few ....more

How to make Hot Chocolate

We are starting the first week of BM#61. I decided to do the theme 3 drinks from one ingredients. The inspiration for this theme came about when I was going through some site that had pretty pictures and the drinks simply came live!...more

Baked Veggie Chips Recipe

We are starting a new edition for the month with BM# 61. For the first week, I will be posting some Root Vegetable recipes. Though we do use most of them, never baked before and especially never in a chips form ....more

Blogging Marathon # 62 - 3 Day Marathon for 4 weeks!

I am happy to make the announcement for March 2016. I decided to select simpler themes as all of us will be busy preparing for the April Mega BM. So I am hoping the lighter themes will allow the participants to relax a bit ....more

Eggless Cinnamon Rolls ~ Step by Step Recipe

My next dish that I have been wanting to bake has been Cinnamon roll. Though I have baked some cinnamon rolls in the past, I have always wanted to bake those buns that turn out super soft. I didn't have any recipe that I wanted to try and then decided to check out Gayathri's as I remember her roll turning out very soft to look it ....more

Yellow Peas Tikkis ~ Easy Diabetic Snack

For the second day of Healthy Diet / Diabetic Diet, I have a simple tikki that turned out to be delicious and quite handy to tuck inbetween the bread to make a hearty meal by itself. I had the yellow peas soaked to make some sundal, and it turned out that we just couldn't cook it as planned. We finally cooked it and still left with major part of it behind, when we thought we could make tikkis out of it ....more