Dieting? Posted Calorie Count Help

Pretend someone is forcing you to eat at McDonald's. Fact: fast-food restaurants over serve their customers. Knowing how many calories and how much sodium in each menu item when you approach the counter will help you navigate this minefield.I have eaten at McDonald's exactly once in the last nine years, when a dental problem made eating painful. I got my hands on a vanilla milkshake and it was darn good. Prior to 2003, I saved visits to McDonald's for severe weekday hangovers. Those hangovers were thankfully rare.I can't say I will never eat at McDonald's again, nor must I have the proverbial gun to my head to enter the golden arches. But I would have to have a severe shortage of options.Driving down I-95 or across I-80, one of those shortage scenarios might arise. I will be headed down both those interstates next week. If I run out of food options on the road, and am faced only with fast-food restaurants, which should I pick?...more
You know what blew me away was how many calories in a latte.  Before I started trying to lose ...more

Sticking to a 9/10 Diet Resolution

We will always know it as the September 10th diet, but we stuck to it despite—or because of—how life changed the next day.By September 2001, I was fatter than I had ever been (no numbers, please!). I wore G's discarded jeans every day because they were the only pants that fit. I had attempted to lose weight a few times, but I always caved at the slightest temptation....more

A Mover's Guide: Practical Packing

Before I moved to New York, I moved to a new apartment every year. I’ve settled down since—just eight apartments in the last twenty years. I have learned a thing or two about packing along the way. Follow my hard-earned practical packing tips to minimize the inevitable stress when you move: Purge and Purge Before a single cardboard moving box enters your home, purge your unused or unwanted possessions. Better to toss on the packing end than on the unpacking end. As you unpack, you will look at old, chipped stuff in your clean, new home and wonder— why on Earth? You’ll toss Grandma’s vase without a second thought, I promise you. Start with clothes. If you live in New York, call the Salvation Army. They will pick up your outdated or outgrown clothes if you have at least three full bags. Trust me, you have that much. The Salvation Army gives a pick-up date about two weeks out, so make an appointment early. Next, purge books, CDs, DVDs and, if you have any, VHS tapes. If you have vinyl, okay, I won’t go there. If you have a vinyl collector in the house, you know that's sacred ground. Finally, tackle the hardest place to purge: under the bed and on top of the closet. Here’s where I find broken cameras, outdated electronics, Christmas cards and letters. Rule of thumb: if you don’t recognize the kid in the photo, throw it out. Be tough on yourself, but don't adopt a take-no-prisoners attitude. Grab that unread Kennedy biography and put it in the “Toss” pile. If it doesn’t feel right, retrieve it. As you get bored and exhausted with the purging, you will find tossing feels more and more right. ...more

Need Help Purging Your Wardrobe? Ask Yourself These Questions

 Purging clothes from your overstuffed closet is difficult.  You throw out more than just clothes—you discard memories. The questions below will help guide your decisions as you go through the painful process.Have I Worn It in the Last Year?...more