Explore the Lighter Side of Grilling With Michelob ULTRA Light Cider

My body pays attention to two signals that summer is finally here: the smell of grilling and the sound of ice-cold drinks being pulled out of a cooler. When the temperature peaks, the only thing that really, truly cools me off is an icy beverage. Over many summers, I've tried countless drink options that didn't leave me satisfied—beer is too dry, wine is too high in liquor, and fruity cocktails contain way too much sugar for my taste. For years, I've searched for a light, cool drink that leaves me feeling refreshed. ...more
I love grilled veggies but I've never heard of pink sea salt -- how festive! This weekend I may ...more

Grilled Haloumi With Tapenade

As a former vegan, I can relate to the idea of being the only herbivore at a carnivorous cookout, wondering what I would eat, feeling like I'd be stuck munching on carrot sticks and corn chips the entire night. Now that I eat—and enjoy—meat these days, I no longer fear the grill ... though I do try to limit the amount of meat I consume, mostly for health reasons. But that doesn't mean I have to give up grilling on the nights I want a lighter dinner. There are many veg-friendly grill options. Have you ever thought of grilling cheese?...more
@andi_fisher @Blogher @sstiavetti Grilled Haloumi is a family fav! First had in Greece -- chewy ...more

Avoiding Sugar During the Holidays

I am very proud of myself. I managed to get through an ENTIRE Halloween season without eating a single piece of candy. For me, that's really big. What's huge, though, is the fact that I didn't even realize it until the day after the holiday. That means I didn't even think about candy for almost all of October. ...more
I'm definitly battling sugar right now!!! Ahh it's so hard. I love it. But I've recently ...more

Crock Pot Osso Bucco with Quinoa

I remember walking down a narrow cobblestone street in Florence, Italy, perusing the menus of the little sidewalk cafes that were just beginning to lay out the tablecloths for dinner service. The light had turned a deeper shade of blue, reflected off the darkening sky, while a warm breeze swept down the lane and kicked up spirals of tiny spring flower petals. I examined each menu carefully, overwhelmed by choices. So many lovely restaurants, so many amazing dishes, so many smiling waiters waving me down and begging me to come inside. "Ciao signora!" They called....more
Since I am a celiac Quinoa has become a staple.more

Ghoulishly Gluten-Free Halloween Cupcake Recipe

Tragic wails could be heard across the yard and into adjacent houses. Concerned neighbors glanced out their windows to search for the source of such a forlorn sound, for surely something must be terribly wrong. All they could see, though, was a short, sad-looking woman carrying a sobbing tooth fairy back to the car. These cupcakes are for Jenny. ...more

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your sweet story touched my heart thinking of poor Jenny and so ...more

Heavenly Gluten-Free Chocolate Bun Things

If there's one thing that I miss from my pre-gluten-free days, it's being able to enjoy fresh, tender baked goods. I miss morning walks to the coffee shop, where I'd stand before counter and gaze out over the fresh buns and rolls as they steamed up the glass display case. What should I have today? The chocolate croissant? The cream cheese danish? You know, I think I'll take the strawberry crème fraiche scone. Yup, those day are gone. Sigh. ...more

These look and sound positively divine, Stephanie! more

New Years Eve Cocktail Recipes

Tomorrow's the big night, and what are you going to be drinking when you ring in the new year? Check out some of these fabulous cocktail recipes for an elegant and bubbly New Years Eve!New Years Eve Cocktail RecipesDo You Love Champagne Cocktails?...more

Winter Hibernation

I was skimming the internet today, as I often do in the mornings, and I came across this post from women's health guru Alex Jamieson (some of you might remember her as Morgan Spurlock's vegan chef girlfriend from Supersize Me). I've followed her ever since I saw the film, because I think she's an amazing woman with a compelling message. This week, she talked about hibernation....more

Supporting the Self Esteem of Others

    Recently, I was sitting with a friend and telling her all about a job interview I had just had. I was talking about how well it went and how much I enjoy the people, and when she asks, "So, do you think you got the job?" I replied with, "Sure I do. I get every job I've interviewed for over the past 10 years." ...more

Very good call. A lot of the time humor can save a situation. In the end I don't want my ...more