The end-of-the-month-blues, or, What Shall I Write About Today?

When I woke up this morning, I had an idea in my head that was so absolutely brilliant that when I wrote about it, it would go viral. Servers would go down because they wouldn't be able to handle the load. The president (yes, that one) would call and invite me for dinner. My fortune would be made....more

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all

And so it's Valentine's Day, the third one Stacey and I have spent together, and the second one as wives. Yeah, yeah, I know: most states and the federal government don't recognize our union (although it definitely is legal: we married before I started to transition), but when has love ever respected laws? Remember when inter-racial marriages were illegal? I do. That was in my lifetime, children....more

And a happy Valentine's day to you as well, dear!more

Logic and Reason vs. Emotion and Belief

Lately I've been following and sometimes contributing to some discussions on Facebook. While some of the discussions are calm and rational, there are a few that really bother me. Not so much as the subject matter but rather the way it is presented, defended and argued over....more

Spiritual Implications of Sexuality

Why do there always seem to be spiritual implications to sexuality? For a race of people supposedly interested in spiritual development, why do we put so much emphasis on sexuality?...more

What makes a woman?

If it is true, as Simone De Beauvoir once asserted, that "[o]ne is not born, but rather becomes, a woman," when does the process of becoming begin? And when, if ever, does it end? Does it begin at birth? At menarche? Is the beginning of womanhood at the moment when one realizes and accepts that one is not like the other half of the species?...more

I don't mind questions. Indeed, I welcome them. How else will we ever get to know one another? ...more