Dear Journal

Dear Journal, Thank you for your presence. When I was 11 you arrived as a gift. You awoke my writer within and then you two became a team, creating a safe place for me to be real. You held me with integrity and heart through so many beginnings. From teenage angst to true love, from the land of law school should to my daughter’s spirit world whisper to this very moment, you meet me at the doorway of the unknown and stay with me no matter what. ...more

In Motherhood,

Over the summer one of my daughter’s best friends moved to South America for the year. When her parents gave my daughter’s friend, I’ll call her Serena, the news about moving, Serena threw clothes into a backpack, stormed down to the busy San Francisco street and jumped on a bus–with her dad following in close pursuit, of course. For months, anytime they brought up the subject of South America, Serena would cross her arms and stomp out of the room. ...more